Change to Braking?

Did someting change regarding braking? Seems like every car i’ve driven just doesn’t want to stop.
I’ve even turned on the braking line and the car not slow down enough to keep up with the line. ABS is on and is working and tires/brakes/suspension are usually my first upgrads. This is far worse braking down hill, i’ve hit the brakes just before the line turns yellow and slid straight through the turn into the wall.

Just looking for some feedback if anyone else has experienced this or if I need to just get better.

Equip racing brakes and adjust balance and pressure until the stopping distances in the tuning screen cannot go any lower. A lot of cars have stopping distances that are way too long with stock brakes. Like the '16 MX-5. The 60-0 distance in Forza is around 130 feet, while in real life it’s just over 110 feet. The racing brakes when properly adjusted make a HUGE difference, far greater than what is displayed in the upgrade screen. Also, when ABS is activated your stopping distance is increased. If you set brake pressure to around 85% you will be able to use the full travel of the left trigger and ABS will kick in less often.

Brakes seem fine to me,a little different than FM5 but still very Forza like,am using the TX wheel.

Ummm, brake earlier


I find the braking to be quite a bit different from all the other Forza games. I find it to be especially difficult to make a sharp turn while braking. Using the braking line, I have to start braking a bit before the yellow in order to avoid going completely off the track, In many cases involving races with sharp turns, I have to bring my car to a ridiculously slow speed which allows one or more drivatars to pass me on the turns. I am using racing brakes, but have not messed with the pressure. I will try that next.

Edit: This is especially true with RWD. This is much more evident on some tracks than others. (Comparing dry tracks)

For normal RWD, forget the stats and try to set brakes to 51 or 52 and 110 to start, then adjust if needed when testdriving.

I would have to agree in these regards

I’ve noticed that it seems like the braking distance for similar tuned cars compared to Forza 5 is longer, or at least feels longer if that makes sense. I have to brake sooner and also I don’t have as much control of the braking it seems.

Like it’s very soft, still soft, still too soft (as I apply more and more pressure) and then locks up. I don’t have: 40% brake, 60% brake, or 80% brake. It basically feels like I have 25% brake (barely slowing down) as I move the brake pedal through the first 60 to 70% of its movement, and then nearly 100% brake, as the tires start squealing, into lock up.

Now it’s not that totally bad and its not all the time and some cars are worse than others. This is with highly tuned cars, and decent understanding of the brake setup, and changing the brake setup and retesting.

I just feel like it’s very buttery until it’s hard as a rock. But that might be due to the new physics or new tire model, and for all we know it’s more accurate we’re just used to a nice linear firm gripping brake application without such snap lock up.

My settings are 0 and 100 on dead zones and I use a thrustmaster pedal setup. I have used wheel and pedals with every version since the original Microsoft kit.

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That’s exactly how it feels to me as well, also a TX wheel user here.

In a way it as if Forza just wants to be a sim so hard by making the game more difficult in an unrealistic way. If I drive with my own real life car through the rain and I make a wide turn while going 60 km/h, there is no way at all the car would start skidding. And that’s a simple Ford Focus road car, even without winter tyres…

Don’t get me started on braking in the rain. It’s absolutely atrocious. Here we have these super cars with amazing brakes and great suspension, tuned very well and I barely touch the brakes (may be only going 80 miles per hour) and the car starts sliding wildly. Give me a break, my Xterra stops better than that and it has 36 inch offroad tires

I’ve been playing Forza since FM2 with ABS and this is the first one where braking without ABS has been easier for me than with ABS. It takes a few races to find the point where it doesn’t lock up, but overall it’s been much easier. With ABS, I agree, doesn’t seem to stop the car fast enough in FM6. I second the suggestion to try setting them up to 110%. Front/rear balance depends on how much turn in you want.

When I imported a tune from Forza 5, it had nearly a 20 ft. increase in braking distance. I assume it’s because of the inclusion of mods. Once I added a 12% and braking/grip mod, it seemed more in line with Forza 5.

If you were looking at the simulated numbers. Those are not ever affected by any mods you have equipped those are just the strict numbers for the hardware you have installed and the way you have tuned. The reason the distance may have changed is they’ve definitely changed the physics on the cars, so the tunes don’t work the same that they did before. On some cars they’re completely unusable as imported tunes at this point.

While I like the mod cards and think they add a little bit of fun to the game they do make to tuning more challenging because if you add a weight reduction mod it completely affects the handling of the suspension. The power mods you have to adjust the gearing a little bit, but you can leave that most of the time. The braking mods however are pretty much straight away and don’t require any adjustment as far as I’ve been able to tell.

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I agree that braking feels less responsive than it was in previous games. For me I think it’s partly due to the weak trigger rumble. The trigger rumble was much stronger in Forza 5 and I could ‘feel’ the threshold just before locking up the tires. In Forza 6 I’m either braking too hard or not enough. I’ve messed around with the dead zones a bit but that hasn’t helped me much.

Turning abs off and getting used to feathering the brake will reduce your braking distances considerably. It will take a while to get used to but should solve your braking problem.

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I don’t use ABS and yet I notice a considerable difference with the brakes.

While this statement is true and pretty much everyone knows it to be accurate. The fact remains that the feel on the braking and the ability to control it within range is definitely a lot more challenging than it was in previous versions, and that’s for those of us using pedals with all assists off. In other words: using the same hardware we had with F5 and now noticing a significant difference in the way the braking is implied in game.


make your braking deadzones 0 and 100.

That’s what I currently have them set as.