Change in the subjects allowed to discuss ?


This post is for MM.

The new enforcement policy posted few days ago indicates “If you have additional feedback related to our guidelines, we encourage you to respectfully share your thoughts in the forums.”. From the beginning of the forum, policy has always been something not to be approached, I was even banned few days for posting about the removal of player report form.

So, I guess you see the question coming Manteo, we can discuss the enforcement policy on the forum or is it still on lock down?

Thanks in advance for your clarifications.


obviously you cant discuss bans, or specifics of bans, since its a private thing

The limit between the personal case of someone and the global policy is quite obvious. There is a specific thread to deal with that which we all saw.

Here Mike is inviting us to share feedback about the FH policy on the forum whereas MM indicated it was not allowed to discuss Policy on the forum. Mistake from Mike or change in the forum rules, just has to be cleared.


Since no reminder or clarification occurred yet, I guess we are in between.

I take the opportunity to say that it’s good that reporting player is back. Allowing to upload some videos/files, looks to me as a requirement to be consistent with the enforcement policy which indicates every case is evidence-based investigated which is a very good thing. I also understand that such investigations require human action and as a consequence, we have to be patient.

I consider it ok not to communicate anything about the decision taken concerning a case, it makes sense to avoid transforming it in kind of tool of vengeance or something of the same. The very fact that the ban applied is not communicated kills the possible expectations from someone who would do it as revenge as he will never know if he got the intended result. Not sure I am totally clear there.

In my opinion, the current process would need a little improvement to make it more alive. Currently a report ticket, rammers for instance, is often closed as “transferred to team”. That team which has no name, no communication, you won’t ever know if your request was compliant, processed , etc. End of the day, this “team” has no sign of existing. If, and I hope it is case, this team has people working, it would be good to have, from that team,

  • an acknowledgement that the report is received and provides required info to proceed with investigation
  • a confirmation that the case has been processed and is closed.
    Those 2 communications from that team would not brake the confidentiality concerning the decision taken BUT give to the requester some kind of feeling something did happen.

Btw, reporting hacked account now results in confirmation of case processed. Regardless the decision taken, it gave me back some confidence in something happening on support side.

Globally, I think 2020, support team has taken quite a slight turn in terms of managing cheaters, Good job!

And btw, I look forward to see some top rivals leaderboard scores disappearing. On the very same subject, it would be great to be able to delete his own score either from the game or through support.