Championships aren't completed


I’ve been racing my way through the offline Championships for some days now. I noticed that when I go to the progress section it says I’ve raced and won about 9 Championships (which is right). But after completing a Roadtrip in Single Player I have to select a new championship at the Hub, all it says in that menu is that all the races are “New” and that I have “Garage cars available”. In the Horizon Hub Championship selection menu the only Championship that I’ve completed (marked with a cup and a 1st) is one Championship that I manually did in freeroam.

Any clues about what’s going wrong? Is this the way it should be so that you’re also doing Championships after completing the story mode?

There are 6 hubs (not including the central hub), each of these hubs have the races split into 6/8 categories, each category has multiple classes in it (there are 17 classes of vehicle in the game). for example the first set has Modern supercars, Retro Supercars and Hypercars championships in it - and these championships exist at all 6 locations, making a total of 18 championships just for those 3 classes.

Duh, of course…