Champion Girl

This is a picture I did over a year ago, now.
I was never really happy with it. The aspect is all wrong. It needs to be shrunk right down to fit on a car. All the detail was lost.
I wanted to put it on one of the old cars, but they’re all DLC. I’m really over buying a racing game, then forking out more cash to buy cars.
The car’s a bit empty because I can’t be bothered working out a livery for it. Sorry about that, but I think that at the end of the day, it doesn’t look too bad for all that.

Nice work Glassman, I like the style. You could put it on a transit without shrinking it too much and probably come up with a pretty fitting livery on the van too.

Would look ace on a 67 stingray. Mercury Cougar might do the trick as well. All in all nice work on the image.

Looks awesome

great job on the pin up !!
Solicitating on the drapery of the dress !!
congratulations friend

She is looking really nice Glassman. The image actually looks aged as you have the colours and texture perfect. As for getting it on a car? I hate it when i paint something and then cannot find a car to put it on.