[CFM] Cross Fade Motorsports Open Enrollment!

Welcome to the official Cross Fade Motorsports open enrollment/recruiting post here on the forums! Are you trying to find a decent group of players who are often laid back but enjoy all aspects of motorsports? If that sounds like something you are looking for then look no further than CFM! Here at Cross Fade Motorsports we prefer to have a conflict free environment within our club, that means we have a close to zero tolerance for toxicity within the club itself and that is about the only thing we will remove you for.

Do you like drifting, drag racing, trackdays, cruising, or just messing around in free roam? We do all of that and plan to startup some weekly events once we have a decent group of regulars. I TurboJunky34 am the founder of Cross Fade Motorsports and if you care to check the history, this club has been around since FM4 and the original Horizon games!

The main goal with this club is to have a ‘hub’ for everyone to hangout and share their custom eventlab creations, tunes, liveries, etc. If you have a custom track that you are working on and have already finished we are open to trying them, giving feedback, and helping you polish all your work. After all this should be a team effort to become some of the more known Forza Players.

Now I will go in depth a little bit more about what I have made and/or am currently working on for the club and others in the Forza community. In my freetime I have been working on several blueprint tracks with my ‘new gen’ touch. In other terms that is just my way of saying I am using my new prop usage knowledge to make more polished circuits within the eventlab. Some of those tracks are just about wrapped up in the polishing stage where I ask some of you to test it with me in PvP format to find flaws, or anything you recommend be added or changed. Some other things I have been working on for everyone in the Forza community are my Youtube channel content, showing my tracks that are finished, giving anybody a first look so they aren’t going into a track blind, and the official Cross Fade Motorsports website, which has a master engine swap guide in progress! I will list these at the end of this post with links to everything.

If this club seems like a place you would enjoy, it would be awesome to see you join our club and take part in any future club events! If you have any questions feel free to message me on here, comment here, or join the club and contact me on Xbox.

Cross Fade Motorsports Website: Cross Fade Motorsports

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUt-h2sCDmTHgMMf2eMjkg

Twitch Channel: Twitch

Xbox Club: Sign in to your Microsoft account