Censoring ingame

This whole censoring (even songs which can be heard in the Radio or online) for a rating or political correctness leaves me; being german; in utter disbelive.
Is this an american thing?

I once was in a forum where they censored; I kid you not; the word “Hello”…
Yes it has “Hell” in it, so you could not say “Hello”, it came out as “Heck*o” (something like this).

shaking head

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Well Germany has way more censorship than USA. Maybe you don’t realise this, but video games everywhere else in the world let you kill humans and have actual blood and gore. I’m not sure if you’re aware of that because that stuff doesn’t exist in your country.

If we would still be living in the late 90s/early 2000s, yes.
Nowadays the restrictions and censoring are more laid-back.

Dying Light was one of only a few games that got indexed in the nearer past. Dying Light 2 will be available here without censoring.
Prior censored stuff like Mortal Kombat, Doom, Manhunt or Golden Eye (N64), has been coming out uncensored for at least one decade.
Generally we don’t need imports anymore - a good thing.

The censorship of the songs must be one of the dumbest censoring I’ve ever seen. It completely ruined numerous tracks for what purpose?
To protect a LEGO expansion child from words like “God” or “high” - wow.
What a great benefit.

True, but we can hear a certain Song from PINK without BEEP
Imho there is a difference between onscreen blood and gore and a song with “god” or “high”.

It’s dumb, but I’ve heard all the songs a dozen times over. Once you’ve heard all the DJ commentary, the only reason left to listen to the radio is skill songs. So it really doesn’t phase me much. And if you want to hear them in their entirety, you can find them here: Forza Horizon 4 soundtrack

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