Censored songs - option to get original version

I sort of get it. But I am not offended by said words, I am not a minor and I really hate having “holes” in songs I got to enjoy in the past months.

Is there a way to add a option to get the uncensored version? Maybe via age verification or something?


I highly appreciate this suggestion. I don’t care about what words are censored because of what reasons - the main thing for me is: the holes kill the songs and make them unenjoyable.
Since the update I only turned on Hospital and Timeless because they’re mostly unaffected.


Yes, i completely agree with this request. Please have an option where you can turn this censoring on or off. Very annoying to have holes in the songs.

Yes, this seems like a good idea.

There was one song I heard last night on XS, and I heard the scrub in one of the words in the chorus, but I couldn’t remember the lyrics to figure out which word was censored. I spent an hour this morning going through the lyrics of all the songs on the sound track, but couldn’t figure out which song it was. It’s been bugging me all day. Anybody know which songs on XS got censored?

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The Chvrches song is completely broken without the word “God”. It sounds like a skipping CD.

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D], “Build a fire” from Young Ejecta is also totally destroyed, they removed the words “die” and “gambling” and the whole lyrics fell apart.

This is a good suggestion. But this is the most excessive censorship I’ve ever seen. They’re muting generic words that you’d hear on any normal radio station. And what’s incredibly ironic is that the game is based around a music festival theme. It’s just bizarre to me that they are suddenly censoring generic words six months after the game was released. One of the censored lyrics is “I’m flying high on the wings of a wasted life” and “high” is muted. Like, it is nowhere near explicit about “getting high”. The getting high connotation is the only reason I can think of that word being censored. And that line is still open for interpretation. But back to the main point, how does a game with music festival central for the plot that has radio stations playing through the gameplay suddenly decide to censor lyrics from the songs six months after the game was released.


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I guess they faked it for too long and weren’t able to make it because logging in to Horizon 4 last night I was greeted to one of my favourite Pulse Radio songs now CENSORED!

“I’m flying high on the wings of a wasted life” is apparently drug references I assume?

Shame. How about an “I’m an adult” option to un-censor our music?

Yeah and ‘god’ is censored from the Chvrches song. Really pretty lame.

I love to turn on my game and drive around listening to censored songs. Just really sets the mood.


I’ve stopped listening to the in game radio stations since the censoring came in. I listen to my own music, some of the songs of which. are tracks from FH4 eg Anna Yvette - Shooting Star

How did you only just notice?

This sort of censorship should be illegal, it’s like burning books. You can break the law by over-censorship you know. I should use the powers that be to fix this problem in society.

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Well? We’re waiting.