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Hey guys little bit of background on CC a few might know CC as weve been going since FM2 i also helped out AutoArt when they started producing the tribal S200o aswell as collabing with Viperlite at Gearbox on projects., We were strictly a drift lounge garage set up to create the highest quality drift reps, this we did successfully through FM2-FM3-FM4 as it stands with FM5 all of us have no motivation to paint the time spent to reward gained is minimal so what we paint we do for ourselves and enjoy. However i have taken to time attack and racing on this release of FM so thought id work on some cars. please see below completed works including details for download:

Thanks for even viewing

WIP time attack car.

Peak Performance 05 STI:
stage 1 : metalic base and carbon all parts needed to carbon:

stage 2: make decals even thoug i hate them lol:

stage 3: make more decals and get placement right… grrr starting to get tedious:

stage4: hood vents installed.

stage5: last 2 small decals done and placed, number board sized and placed… i can smell the finish main decal to do and type face and number and little decals in number box.

stage6: UNDERWAY!

still looking at hood and fine adjusting but you get the jist of it lol.

Thanks for viewing ladies and gents.

nice mate ^ ^ had the version of that on a list so am scratching it off!! :smiley:
Carbon panelling on metallic is painfull! Did it on the WORKS Evo x, so glad to see someone else go through the same pain I did! lol

(must remember to drop you an FR!)


Nice work, looking forward to seeing it finished although I do like as is at stage 2.

@ AB - yeh def a pain really did my nut in but worth the hassle i think. Yeh man throw me an add im a friendly guy us welsh are. PS waiting on your evo.

@ WSD - yeh i like it clean aswell pumped it out a tad looks mean but im following through to finish the rep lol.

WIP updated . nearly there now lol… gotta keep motivated haha. number board is annoying and still got main sponsor decal.

Welcome to the forums mate! You have some good stuff going on here and I can’t wait to see the collection snowball, keep them coming!

@ Ace - lol i was here 2 years before you lol, but awsum thanks for the welcome il take it :smiley:

OH NOES, i started another wip this is my downfall multiple projects but i find the small gap inbetween WIPS makes you spot stuff ou missed to release the closest to 100% it can get.

Dixcel Mitsubishi Evo Super Taikyu ST2.

stage 1: Base colour adjusting on metalic to get the shine through all colours, some small decal placements and metallic decal making for side skirt:

stage 2 : wheels corrcted to volk TE37 as that matches the real car, side skirt update missing 1 decal, YASU PLANNING which i cant find good reference off:

stage 3 : front bumper shading and vent installed, cradients redone to erase lines appearing and for a better metallic shine through.

stage 4 :

early wip guys all finished cars will be put in the OP at top.

Looks great so far mate :slight_smile:
Pity we cant have S-tai bodykit upgrades for the evo´s and subies :frowning:

@ SW - yeh no body options is a negative, this cars preety clen , ive fone the skirt vent n pumped it abit for an aggressive look im doing the bumper modifing now and then it the hood vents , thanks for the view and comment man.

looking good!

Nice work on both. I’m curious to see how the Evo comes out. The lack of body mods has discouraged me from using it much (at least VIII to IX front ends) but a good design could change that.

@ JFILER - cheers fella

@ Trampa - yeh there are a few good Evos out there fella
Jfiler - cyberevo
Ect torque - tilton
AB - sierra sierra ( when done )

theres more out there

Now that you finnaly made it back to the fourms you have to finish up your whips! One logo and it’s done lol

Lol indeed il finish the subaru and another Wip soon the Evo ive made progress on update inbound.

EVO wip progress updated above.
sorry guys not the quickest of painters slow progress.

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Sweet. Good to see you are back (for lack of a better term) Still remember a suburu you did back in either FM2 maybe FM3 that was just amazing. JUN Maybe?

@ Method - Wow you remember that awsum, yeh was the JUN for the Brad O Shizno comp come joint first. Miss the FM2 days.

@ Wayne - thanks wayne the goings slow but just paintinting away lol.

Nice work sir :wink: