Catalunya sky issue

Can anyone confirm if this is just me or not… On Catalunya GP first turn if you look at the sky the clouds look strange or there’s a bit of a blob that seems to move with the screen rather than staying still as you turn into the corner and goes by the time you are on the long sweeping right hander.

I got an oled 4k TV the LG C7 last month and have noticed this a few times. I’m pretty certain it’s not the TV as it doesn’t seem to do this anywhere else and I’ve done a few other checks as it almost looked like a bit of image retention at first.

I guess another way to confirm it’s not the TV is to record it and check on another screen but I’ve not got round to doing that.

Record the Video and share it in your feed, I’ll have a look later today then.

You also can record the video, share it, get the Xbox app for PC and smartphone and watch it on these devices.

Or upload it to onedrive, embed the video or share the link here and everyone can watch it.

Yeah I’ll record it later and see if I spot it on my phone too as I have the Xbox app.

Okay so even playing the replay on my TV doesn’t show it yet when I play the game I’m seeing it either my eyes are playing tricks on me or is it possibly a HDR thing I dunno. Even if I rewind it goes away. I don’t think it’s the Tv but if no one can replicate it then it might be worth me contacting the company I got it from and trying for a replacement I just don’t see why it’s always the same corner and why my TV seems fine in any other scenario I’ve used it in I’ve even done a pixel refresh which didn’t change anything.