Cataluna GP Hopper!

Really like that you guys(T10), do these races as they’re happening. Just finished watching the qualifying laps, and now, am going to sit down and have a go with the hopper. Anyhow… Thanks!


I’m going to have a piece of this myself. Good job t10

yup thanks T10!

whats even better: they fixed the duration timer in the lobby! only thing thats missing now is lap-times for these endurance races, it still showing distance only

Curious what was wrong with the Duration Timer ?

It didnt work at all and always showed 0.00 as remaining time. So you couldnt see how much time was left for the current race when entering the hopper.

This sounds great, How many laps is it?

I did it yesterday and as a wild guess I believe its around 22 laps, its a 30 min hopper but as with the Long Beach one it is done in miles not in time

The results of the race were that I drove a little over 19-laps (55 miles) and the race winner passed twice and drove 60+miles. The track is 2.89 miles per lap.

So you could expect to do 20 Laps, plus or minus 1.

Quickest passing of 30 minutes ever. Got crashed only once, by the guy who finished in front of me; nearly caught him when the timer ran out. Lots of fun, though.

It is great fun! I got shunted off a couple of times but forgave then knowing they were relatively knew and just enjoyed the racing.

Although without proper timing or distance markers it’s a job to know if your being caught or lapped without using the pause menu.

I’m glad they fixed the lobby clock though. Great stuff!

I tried to do this today, but with 5 minutes to go Forza restarted! So that is this hopper & Long Beach before it.

Come on T10, please sort this out. I know it’s happened to other people & it’s incredibly frustrating.

I didnt get anything special for it (like the badge you got for the Long Beach one, just another way to get XP