CARWARS AutoDuelists ~ Tuesday Night Sprints

Every Tuesday evening at 7:00pm eastern standard time, the CARWARS AutoDuelists club hosts a multirace championship utilizing a round robin style tournament where each week one driver picks the car and another driver picks the tracks. This way each competitor gets to make some decision into what were doing. Its is ran by myself, club leader RandyTessier, using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all league decisions and championship points using the standard CARWARS 10 point system; 1st +10 points, 2nd +9, 3rd +8, 4&5 +7, 6&7 +6, 8&9&10 +5… etc As each week passes the previous weeks car is still available in its own bucket in case a driver does not like the new car. In most cases drivers are free to choose which bucket they will compete in, however the person who chose the car for the current week may offer bonus points for completing a time-trial/qualifier in their particular car, or even for using that car that night. The person choosing that weeks tracks gets to decide not only the tracks for the evening, but how long is spend on each track and the penalties assigned for that night. Sound like fun? The current 2022 Tuesday Night sprints is still in its first few months, send RandyTessier, Nooma341 or rerebuilder a message to join our club and events. (We also run a Sunday night championship called the Carrol Shelby Celebration, when we host a role-playing style racing championship based on the racing history of Shelby American.)

2022-01-13 TNS Week-01 “Mustang Sally or Reaper’s Request”
CarWars AutoDuelist #32 ReaperWorks owns a 2000 Mustang Cobra that he is currently restoring, so he brings us our first challenge. Get a 2000 Ford Mustang Cobra R and tune it to B600 class with no restictions. Builds and paintjobs must be your own or shared by CARWARS club members.
Randomly assigned tracks are as follows:
Qualifier/TimeTrial (optional): Nurburgring GP Daytime clean.
Race 1: Nurburgring Nordschieffe x 3
Race 2: Bathurst Mount Panorama x 7
Race 3: Sebring Full Night x 7
Full penalties, no disqualfications.

1st #32 ReaperWorks +30 points (30 points)
2nd #01 JobnRott +29 (29)
3rd #66 GrimRogerSE +24 (24)
4 rerebuilder +22 (22)
5 RandyTessier +21 (21)
6 Ilickwindows +21 (21)
7 WindwardRook +19 (19)
8 Rayphen (pacecar) +4 (4)
9 Slight o Shred +3 (3)
10 Mad Bull @ +1 (1)

2022-01-20 TNS Week-02 “Fightin’ Fiats!”
Knowing that I used to own and love an X1/9, club member #67 ILickWindows736 assigns it as week 2’s challenge car. Get a 1975 Fiat X1/9 then build and tune it to D335 class with no particular restrictions other than club tunes and paints only. club member #71 WindwardRook83 sets the tracks and penalties for the evening.
Qualifier/TimeTrial: NONE
Race 1: Dubai Mountain Circuit Reverse
Race 2: Suzuka Full Circuit Rain
Race 3: Prague Full Circuit Reverse
Race 4: Yas Marina Full Circuit Night
Full penalites, no DQs, random launch orders.
Alternatively you can drive last weeks B600 Mustang, but each race you drive in the Fiat is worth an extra point!

1st #66 GrimRogerSE +43 pts (67 points)
2nd #12 Slight o Shred +41 (44)
3rd #32 ReaperWorks +39 (69)
4 rerebuilder +37 (59)
5 Greentrees +35 (35)
6 RandyTessier +33 (54)
7 WindwardRook +32 (51)
8 Ilickwindows + 30 (51)
9 Rayphen (pacecar) +4 (8)

2022-01-27 TNS Week-03 “Un-Proper Porsche”
This week #66 GrimRogerSE assigns us the challenge to build and tune a 1970 Porsche 914/6 to D370 and will assign 3 bonus points if you stay in that car for all three races that night! #33 Greentrees5992 picks some lengthy tracks for us to battle it out on and assigns a difficult mandatory pre-week qualifier to determine the launch order for the first race of the evening, races two and three will be reverse launch order based on the previous races finishing positions.
Qualifier/TimeTrial: Nurburgring Nordschlieffe at Night - 1 cold but clean lap only!
Race 1: Nurburgring Nordschieffe Daytime x 3
Race 2: Sonoma Full Daytime x 8
Race 3: Silverstone Grand Prix Daytime x 6
Full penalties, no DQs, performance based manual launch orders.
B600 Mustang and D335 Fiat buckets also available.

1st #32 ReaperWorks +31 (100 points)
2nd #84 rerebuilder +30 (89)
3rd #33 Greentrees5992 +30 (65)
4-RandyTessier +29 (83)
5-Sleight o Shred +29 (73)
6-GrimRoger +28 (95)
7-Ilickwindows +25 (76)
8-WindwarRook +23 (74)
9-JobnRott +21 (50)
10-Rayphen (pacecar) +4 (12)

2022-02-10 TNS Week-04 “To Vanhalla!”
This week, yours truly #74 RandyTessier sets an easier challenge to simply build a C500 1983 GMC Vandura 1500 or get a CarWars member to build it for you. No restrictions on paints. While there are no point bonuses for using the van, you will lose a championship point everytime you switch from one bucket to another. This week there are four buckets to choose from, as all the cars from the first three weeks retain their buckets (D335 Fiat X1/9, D370 Porsche 914/6 and the B600 Mustang Cobra). Beware though, one of the tracks requires the van, so if you don’t start in the van, you’ll lose a point when you are forced to switch to it!
Qualifier: Suzuka Full Alternate Rain - cold or hot, clean or dirty, worth a point but completely optional.
Race 1: Suzuka Full Alternate Heavy Rain
Race 2: Mojave Air Field Test Track
Race 3: Top Gear Full Figure 8 in the Vandura only

1st #01 JobnRott +31 pts (81 pts)
2nd #32 ReaperWorks +28 (128)
3rd #33 Greentrees5992 +28 (93)
4-GrimRoger +26 (121)
5-rerebuilder +26 (115)
6-SleightoShred +26 (99)
7-Ilickwindows +23 (99)
8-RandyTessier +22 (105)
9-Rayphen (pacecar) +4 (16)
10-WindwardRook +1 (74)

2022-02-17 TNS Week-05 “M1-81 Beamer Battle!”
This week, #67 ILickWindows736 challenges the league to drive his 1981 BMW M1 with his build/tune on tracks selected by #33 Greentrees5992. You get a bonus championship point every time you use 'Windows B512 class build. As with every week, there are four buckets to choose from, as all the cars from the previous three weeks retain their buckets (C500 GMC Vandura, D335 Fiat X1/9, & the D370 Porsche 914/6).
Preweek Qualifier & TimeTrial: Catalunya School Circuit in the B512 1981 BMW M1 (optional, non-qualifiers will start at the back)
Race 1: Catalunya Grand Prix x 15 min
Race 2: Circuit of the Americas Grand Prix @ Night x 15 min
Race 3: Bathurst Mount Panorama @ 30 min
Full penalties, no disqualifications.

1st #32 ReaperWorks +32 pts (160)
2nd #01 JobnRott +32 (113)
3rd #84 rerebuilder +32 (147)
4-SleightoShred +32 (131)
5-GrimRoger +30 (151)
6-Greentrees +27 (120)
7-Ilickwindows +26 (125)
8-RandyTessier +25 (130)
9-WindwardRook +23 (97)
10-Rayphen (pacecar) +8 (24)

2022-03-03 TNS Week-06 “CarWars Club Car”
This week CarWars’ founding member #66 GrimRogerSE wins both car choice and track choice die rolls and decides to hold an homage to CarWars AutoDuelists first league/club year back in Forza Motorsport 4 on the XB360! Grab a 1971 Lotus Elan Sprint and build it to C450 exactly by any means. Get a bonus point each race you use it. PM club leader RandyTessier (me) if you want the original FM4 CarWars club paint for it in your colours!
Race 1: Roat Atlanta Club
Race 2: Mugello Full Circuit
Race 3: Prague Full Circuit
Race 4: Nurburgring GrandPrix at Night
Full penalties with disqualifications!

1st #66 GrimRogerSE +44 pts (195 pts)
2nd #67 Ilickwindows +40 (165)
3rd #84 rerebuilder +40 (187)
4-RandyTessier +39 (169)
5-Greentrees +38 (158)
6-Rayphen (pacecar) +4 (28)

2022-03-10 TNS Week-07 “Clean Sweep Nomads” or “Nomadness!”
This week CarWars member #67 Ilickwindows736 wins both car and track die-rolls. He opts for the clean-sweep feature and eliminates all other buckets. He selects the 2016 Ariel Nomad and sets a PI limit of B599 by any means, however, you MUST build and tune it yourself! CarWars club liveries only. Then sets the challenge of Cats vs Mouse with himself being the mouse. 'Windows starts each race with a full 60 second head start, then all the other drivers have approximately 15 minutes to try an overtake him. Anyone who manages it will get a bonus point towards their place score.
Race 1: Circuit du Spa Francorchamps
Race 2: Circuito de Rio Full Forward
Race 3: Bernese Alps Festival Reverse
Race 4: Lime Rock Full Alternate
Full penalties with disqualifcations!

1st #33 Greentrees5992 +38 (196)
2nd #01 JobnRott +38 (151)
3rd #66 GrimRogerSE +34 (229)
4-Ilickwindows +31 (196)
5-rerebuilder +31 (218)
6-RandyTessier +20 (189)
7-Rayphen (pacecar) +4 (32)

2022-03-17 TNS Week-08 “Asian Underdogs”
This week CarWars moderator and member #84 rerebuilder chooses Asian FWD cars with the challenge to keep it FWD and with a PI of D325 or under. Failing that, you can also opt to drive last weeks B599 '16 Ariel Nomad now with CarWars tunes sharable. Member #01 JobnRott sets us up with four 15 minute tracks.
Race 1: Circuit of the Americas East
Race 2: Road Atlanta Club
Race 3: Prague Short Circuit Reverse
Race 4: Silverstone National
Full penalties, No disqualifications.

1st #67 Ilickwindows736 +39 (235)
2nd #12 Sleight o Shred +38 (169)
3rd #66 GrimRogerSE +37 (266)
4-RandyTessier +35 (224)
5-Greentrees +33 (225)
6-rerebuilder +28 (246)
7-Rayphen-pacecar +4 (36)

2022-03-24 TNS Week-09 “Not So Mad Max”
#67 Ilickwindows wins the car die roll again and this time selects the 1974 Holden Sandman HQ and sets the PI target at D380 exactly. Only CarWars builds/tunes allowed, but paintjobs are wide open. #66 GrimRogerSE wins track selection again and is aiming for four 15 minutes sprints with full penalties!
Race 1: Bathurst Mount Panorama
Race 2: Bernese Alps Stadplatz Reverse
Race 3: Dubai Full Circuit
Race 4: Road America Full Circuit
Full penalties with disqualifications.

1st #01 JobnRott +40 (191)
2nd #84 rerebuilder +40 (286)
3rd #12 Sleight o Shred +39 (208)
4-GrimRoger +36 (302)
5-Greentrees +35 (260)
6-RandyTessier +31 (255)
7-Ilickwindows +30 (265)
8-Rayphen-pacecar +4 (40)

2022-03-31 TNS Week-10 “Rallycar Roomies”
#12 Sleight o Shred wins the car die roll and selects Showroom Rallycars with a PI limit of B550 with no further restrictions. Yours truly #74 RandyTessier wins track selections and decides to run a Euro Rally of sorts. We land in Spain in the morning, then drive to France for a night race, then train our cars to Italy for a morning race then drive to Germany for a rain rally in the late afternoon! Being a rally inspired event, they are 15 minutes long with only collision penalties and no DQs.
Race 1: Catalunya School Circuit Daytime x 10
Race 2: LeMans Circuit Sarthe Nighttime x 4
Race 3: Monza Short Daytime x 10
Race 4: Nurburgring Nord+GP extension with increasing rain x 2
Collision penalties only.

1st #66 GrimRogerSE +41 (343)
2nd #84 rerebuilder +41 (327)
3rd #74 RandyTessier +40 (264)
4-Greentrees +39 (264)
5-SleightoShred +34 (203)

2022-04-14 TNS Week-11 “Spec Berlinetta”
#33 Greentrees5992 wins both car and track rolls. He opts for a cleansweep and sets a spec challenge using the Maserati Berlinetta with his C599 build and tune on it. He’s offering a bonus point to anyone who beats his qualifying time in it as well.
Preweek Qualifier & Timetrial: Silverstone International Circuit (daytime dry and clean)
Race 1: Maple Valley Full (daytime dry) x 15 min
Race 2: Virginia Grand West (daytime dry) x 45 min

1st #33 Greentrees5992 +21 (285)
2nd #66 GrimRogerSE +19 (362)
3rd #84 rerebuilder +17 (344)
4-Ilickwindows +15 (280)
5-RandyTessier +15 (279)
6-JobnRott +4 (155)
7-SleightoShred +3 (206)
8-Rayphen (pacecar) +3 (43)

2022-04-19 TNS Week-12 “Monsoon Maloo TopGear Special”
#67 Ilickwindows736 wins car choice again and this time goes with the 2014 HSV LE Gen-F GTS Maloo tuned to A699. I won track choice, so I decided to get evil and set up our own TopGear special. We take our Maloos and go to the TopGear test track and run 3 back to back timed races on the various layouts. The preweek qualifier is a clean hot lap around the full circuit in the rain in the Maloo, while during the races, previous weeks competitors can opt for the slower but better handling ‘53 Maserati Berlinetta still locked to Greentrees’ C499 spec tune.
Qualfier: TopGear Test Track Full (daytime and wet)
Race 1: TopGear West Wet
Race 2: TopGear East Rev Wet
Race 3: TopGear Loop Rev Wet

1st #01 JobnRott +31 (186)
2nd #33 Greentrees5992 +26 (311)
3rd #66 GrimRogerSE +25 (387)
4-RandyTessier +23 (302)
5-Ilickwindows +22 (302)
6-rerebuilder +22 (366)
7-WindwardRook +6 (104)
8-Rayphen (pacecar) +4 (47)
9-SleightoShred +2 (208)

2022-05-03 TNS Week-13 “Merc 1990-190”
After a couple weeks delay due to health issues I’m finally able to run the next event. #33 Greentrees5992 won the car choice and goes with the 1990 Mercedes Benz 190E tuned to B600 using CarWars league tunes only, but no paint restrictions. #84 rerebuilder sets up the tracks and choose some mid length tracks to test the Merc on all sorts of surface types with no qualifying round.
Race 1: Prague Full Circuit Reverse
Race 2: Circuit du Rio Full Reverse
Race 3: Suzuka Full Circuit Alternate
Race 4: Yas Marina Full Circuit at Night

1st #1 JobnRott +40 (226)
2nd #66 GrimRogerSE +38 (425)
3rd #33 Greentrees5992 +37 (348)
4-RandyTessier +36 (338)
5-rerebuilder +31 (397)
6-ReaperWorks +26 (186)

2022-05-10 TNS Wk-14 “Posterchilds”
Take ANY Lamborghini tuned to max PI of S750. You must build and tune it yourself, then you must do the LIVE qualifier in it AND race it at least ONCE in that nights 3 races.
LQ Sonoma Grand Prix
R1 Sonoma Full Dusk
R2 Virginia Full Night
R3 Nrbrg Nordschieffe
Track penalties only, no DQs.

1st #32 ReaperWorks +30 (216)
2nd #12 Sleight o Shred +29 (237)
3rd #33 Greentrees5992 +28 (376)
4-GrimRoger +27 (452)
5-rerebuilder +27 (424)
6-Ilickwindows +25 (327)
7-RandyTessier +23 (361)
8-CHUBB589 +22 (22)

2022-05-17 TNS Week-15 “Formula Freakshow”
This week Sleight o Shred wins the car choice and GrimRoger once again gets track choice. So we have to maneuver some super fast Formula 70s car amidst a pack of slower cars without taking too many collision penalties. Four tracks, bonus points only to the F70s bucket, penalty points per penalty for all four buckets.
R1 Monza Full Circuit
R2 Indy Classic Grand Prix
R3 Hockenheimring Full
R4 Mount Panorama Bathurst
Full penalties, no DQs.

1st #67 Ilickwindows736 +38 (365)
2nd #01 JobnRott +38 (264)
3rd #84 rerebuilder +37 (461)
4-SleightoShred +37 (274)
5-CHUBB589 +37 (59)
6-ReaperWorks +35 (251)
7-Greentrees +32 (408)
8-RandyTessier +31 (392)
9-GrimRoger +30 (482)

2022-05-24 TNS Week-16 “NASCAR Shenanigans!”
This week we must take some R833 homologated NASCAR cars and attempt to get some clean laps on the smallest tracks while negotiating traffic. This is gonna be brutally hard but fun. Specialy since some of these tracks have NO PITS!!
R1 Long Beach West
R2 LimeRock Alt
R3 Rio Mountain
R4 Airfield Test Track
Track cutting penalties only, no DQs.