Cars Sideways In The Road When Spawning!

What is that all about?

I always found it annoying that when fast travelling in FH3 and FH4 placed me facing the wrong way for whatever I was fast travelling to (speed zone, spreed trap etc), but why on earth is my car always 90 spawned sideways on the road?

It’s almost like the devs have looked at all the little ways that might annoy players and implemented them.

The more I play FH5, the more I loathe it!

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In free roam it is not a big problem. It is frustrating when it happens in super 7 challenges, especially at the forza horizon festival drag strip. Sometimes you get spawned there right in 90 degrees to the start boxes of the drag strip bumping right into the guardrail. That sometimes causes problems to finish timed challenges as you are wasting precious seconds to get into the right direction. A simple get to point a in 20 seconds becomes so a heavy task with 20 or more trys untill the car spawns into the right place…

But it’s all baked-in pieces of wasted time in addition to all the little wastes of time and pointless button pressing found throughout both FH4 & FH5.

There were so many places where FH4 could have been streamlined (I made a huge list on the FH4 forum about 3 years ago) and yet those things remain in FH5 with additional ones.

Most people won’t notice or don’t care, but they are there and a complete waste of time and make for a less fluid experience.

…and let’s face it, the less time faffing around = more time to play = less energy wasted = better for climate change prevention (gotta get that in there as it is flavour of the month/year/decade)

Also, just look at the stoopid pinkness everywhere in game (especially the border when selecting menu items).

Half the time I go past the item I want as it is not clear to me which one is active, until I really look hard, so more wasted time.

It should be easier to see these things, even with a sideways glance.

Why they didn’t just slightly shade-out all the inactive menu items, tiles etc so only the active one is fully lit is beyond me.

Or even just give the players the option to change the selection colour to anything but the colour pink (bright cyan or green).

What is is with all the girlie colours in the Horizon games of late (selected item borders, The Eliminator perimeter, Street Scene finish lines etc).

Give the players the choice to change these things I say instead of giving us more stoopid clothing items that literally no-one wants!

The cars hardly ever fast travel to the start point of a race either, you usually have to reverse the car.

I think I just figured out what this bug is. When you place a car the X/Y/Z can match the location X/Y/Z, and in computer models that causes them to spin if they are trying to point to their own location. To fix the problem you would put a second location on the map near to each race, and point the cars towards the second location when placing them at the first location. That’s why they placed all of the cars away from their start position, because they didn’t know the fix.