Cars removed from My Bids that I won through Auction House

After the last update many cars I won through the Auction House (only the cars that have the highest max but-out price currently) have disappeared and only the cars I won that have little resale value are left. Who has rights to our My Bids list that can remove cars??

Basically I have been the victim of Grand Theft Auto!!

Just seems wrong that someone could go into my My Bids List and edit it by removing cars. If that isn’t what happened then something crashed or corrupted my game save.

My guess is that something on the server changed regarding the My Bids list limiting how many cars can remain in there. Users can only list so many cars in a 24 hour period so many cars are in my My Bids List waiting until I can sell them.

It’s really wrong that most of my most valuable cars were removed. (since the cars prices are deflating so fast I am spending more than I can sell them for as prices drop)

Anyone else have cars removed recently??

Have they been in the list for 60 days or more?

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That will be it I guess!

I personally had 95 cars in the Auction House waiting to be collected (all rare cars sold 20,000,000), but never bothered as I was constantly on 999,999,999Cr.

Had a look recently and there was only about 13 cars left.

I lost out on over 1,640,000,000 or 1.64 billion credits if my maths is correct.

It was a shame, but what can you do?

I subsequently went to the AH and bought up a load of 20m cars, claimed and removed them from my garage, reducing my bank down to 500,000,000cr

Back up to 969,000,000 again now though. :frowning: