Cars overpowered

I recently tried to find out how much some of the Forza Cars match their real counterparts in regards of acceleration.
During that test i found out that lots of cars are quite overpowered.
I tested the (stock of course) 458 Italia and the LP570-4 on the straight mile.
Both can run 0-100 km/h in around 3,0 seconds and 0-200 km/h in around 9,0 seconds. Sorry for no mph stats since I am from Germany…
That´s simply too fast when looking at test data from the real cars. I wonder how can this be missed when other things like the interior are matched in the smallest details?

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You might need to take into account more factors. Tire pressures, weather, shifting points maybe? Are you using any assists? Do the cars in real life have any computer assists etc…

The Italia can do 0-200 in real life in about 10.4 seconds in the hands of a n00b. Fit better tires, make sure they’re warmed up, engine is warm and so on, I can see a real life 458 go towards 9.5 maybe.

One advantage though; if you feel every car in game is overpowered, at least there is no advantage in picking one or another to race :wink:

I have never taken a car I owned to the drag strip and not beaten the manufacturer rated/magazine published 1/4 mile times. A good driver can do better than advertised in real life. In the game it’s even easier to drive perfectly so it should be no surprise to exceed those types of metrics in the game.

Weather is also a factor there. Humidity can really slow cars down in real life, especially boosted cars (can’t compress the water in the air). The game may have temperature modeling accurate for changing HP, but I kind of doubt it. I highly doubt the game models humidity and it’s effect on power.


Don’t forget the difference ambient temperature can make. Colder air is denser, and packs more oxygen per cubic meter. I noticed myself that my own car feels stronger on a cold day than a hot one.