Hey FH5 players, This has come to my attention, so it is my recent observation that has concluded there is a glitch in the games algorythem for the exhaust on vehicles producing a visible flame, what i mean by this is some cars will crackle and pop alot upwards of 5+ times on the deaceleration and then you have the same vehicle that will only pop and crackle once or even none sometimes, as a car enthusiast this is very annoying as i love watching and listening to those multple backfires on certain vehicles for example the honda prelude and the older rx7, does this happen to anyone else ? thanks for taking the time to read this and looking forward to your replys… mabey we can get the devs to fix this problem if there is enough light shed on it… thank you

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Well, so it works like in real life. Cars don’t frequently pop and crackle at the same rate. Sometimes it happens more, sometimes less. And when you have a car with generally less crackle, it sometimes won’t do it at all.

Yes I just noticed it too, it’s definitely a glitch. I tried experimenting with it and noticed its only a few cars that will pop inconsistently. It’s really annoying and I pray they fix this. Good job explaining it by the way, I wouldn’t of been able to explain it.