Cars I hate

I run free races quite a bit and generally on Nurburgring. I like the A, S and R3 classes as they are really challenging and fast enough that you can get through it in a reasonable amount of time. One thing that bugs me though is the AI and some of their cars. If I’m running a liveried car I would rather be up against other liveried cars but instead I just get all manor of similar PI rated cars.
The one that bugs me the most in a particular TVR. I never drive it as its not my style at all. Chasing after it I always feel I should be driving the Batmobile and am after the Joker or Penguin. From the rear it just looks straight out of the comics. I think its ghastly and just butt ugly. This car is best viewed in my rear view mirror as I’m leaving it behind as far as I’m concerned.

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