Cars gone again!

Fire up the Xbox One version tonight and I’m in a Ford Focus instead of the Aventador J I was in when I shut down the game last night. I look for the Aventador in my garage, and it is gone. This has happened before. Please, please, please fix this glitch with the DLC cars. It seems to happen when there is a series update or season change. It is INEXCUSABLE for DLC to be unavailable. It is paid content! Can I get a credit for the time it is unavailable? I know the answer. So get it FIXED!

Don’t tell me the hoops I need to jump through to fix it. It is your glitch, you fix it.

if you close the game this happens
you don’t lose the car it’s just back in your garage
if it’s not, that’s on you and your settings

get over it , why should you get credit, you lose nothing

You lost me when you said “get over it.” If my response seems harsh, it is because of that statement. It was rude. Not sure what I said to you for you to take that attitude with me, so…

The car is not in the garage. If it was, I would not have posted. (Read better before posting a nasty reply.) It’s not my settings either. This is not a unique situation, it has happened before. It’s not “on me” as you state, they have a glitch they need to fix. If you are happy with broken product, good for you. I am not. Get over it.

Don;t take it personal, almost everyone of his posts is condescending.

Yep missed the part where you said its gone from your garage
Whenever i leave the game whilst in a dlc car it swaps me out BUT the car is in my garage
Sounds like you have some sort of connection issue…which is most likely your end since no one else has posted about your exact issue
Maybe try submitting a ticket if you want support

Sometimes when i load the game up, i’m mysteriously in a Audi TT. Don’t know why. And there’s nothing wrong with my settings either.

Also have a problem of the game not connecting to online as well. Why? I don’t know.

A bug? Almost certainly.

I’m glad someone else has mentioned this bug.

It’s a failsafe
If you were in a DLC-Car before you exited the Game
it puts you back into the car you selected at the beginning of the Game (in your case the Audi TTS).

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If you need official support, please create a ticket on the support site.

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