Cars/Drivatars slow down after rewind

Since the first May update I’ve seen this happen many times but not every time. In a race, hit rewind, and when the race resumes the speed of the other cars is reduced. They will speed back up but not immediately. Happens in Career and Freeplay.

I don’t know what you played before, but for me and my friends it was always like that in FM6. And even FM5 had the same bug.
Pretty annoying, when you only want to ‘rewind’ your mistake, and not gain advantage from the rewind on top …

I play / played on pro / unbeatable btw.

I noticed it for the first time last night in Free play mode at Road America. I bobbled the next to the last turn and wanted to ensure that I started the next lap clean and after the rewind the car in front was doing half speed so I plowed into it. A rewind from that was pretty much the same so I did a double rewind to get over on the track before I got close to it.

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Still there after the last update, maybe worse!

tbh im not bothered by it but i am bothered by the fact that if i go off track and rewind im forced to go from what ever gear im in all the way down to 1st gear for 10 to 15 seconds for 1 rewind