so one day i went on my fh3 and i nticed that loads of my cars were gone as well as credits.I tried all the usual profile and forza hub stuff then contacted turn 10 and microsoft and got 100.000 cr back.I used to have 17.6 million credits and then that went down to 903.000 cr and my lamborghini centanario,ferrari laferrari fxxk,ford focus st,koenigsegg one:1,subaru BRZ,Lamborghini hracan HE,RX7 widebody and finally my lamborghini veneno.
Turn 10 please can you add these cars bck into my garage and give me my credits back because it will take frever to get all the cras angain even if i go on the auction house

Good thing I haven’t been on recently.

I’m so sorry for you man, i hope you get it fixed =(

How did you contact them? By email?
I guess you have to do that again, not write here. I saw no problem threads get an official answer except for banning by mods.
The only solution I thought of and used was making a local save back-up and using it after fail.

i went on the microsoft support chat thing