Cars disapeared from Auction House // Must Fix Problem //

After i put like 10 cars in auction house i shut down my console . When i came online again after 2 hours cars i listed gone.

İ think there is a major sync problem caused by save files on cloud do not provide information about Auction House.

There is a major sync problem with every game update since FH3 (as far as I played). I remember losing a Lambo or my bid for it, make save backups ever since and don’t use AH during an update rollout.
But it’s not the save files problem, your cars are gone from your save and stored only on AH server while you sell them.

Anyway, you should create a support ticket and wait.

Make sure you force a save before turning off
I always go into a festival site or house and then leave…wait for the litlle circle to stop then i switch off
Never had 1 save issue and have been doing that since the start of fh3 as well…never had a save issue there as well