Cars “Digging In” and Understeering on Corner Entry

I’m having an issue with some cars that seem to briefly lose traction on the front wheels at or just passed corner entry. I notice it most on pretty much all of the the prototype group racers like the McLaren M8B or Lola t163. The new Porsche Carrera 6 does this too. I can share tunes if it would be of benefit. The car starts to take its set, but then digs in and the front end drops and it skids across the turn for a bit. As far as I can tell I am not bottoming out, but I think it’s hard to tell with the new telemetry that shows more stable, average values in spring compression. It only occurs briefly so maybe I’m missing it if it is bottoming out but I run pretty stiff springs and don’t bottom out elsewhere.

Does anyone have suggestions for tuning this out? I’ve had the most luck with decreasing front ride height (or raising rear if I can’t lower the front anymore). But often times this doesn’t fully resolve the problem and I’d also like to avoid increasing ride height if I can. I’ve also tried decreasing front bump damping and making the whole rear end stiffer via springs and ARBs. Again it seems to improve but doesn’t eliminate. Is it just a characteristic of these mid engine cars with so-so or worse weight distribution?

I was experiencing this on the prototype group racers, most notably the t163. At least on that particular car the solution I came upon after much trial and error was max front roll bars. Usually mid engine cars have too much front stiffness for their weight distribution, but I guess the opposite is true in the case of these cars. Otherwise the tune was pretty normal, with a bit of accommodations for negating the understeer of maxed front ARB.