Cars crashing the top of the Redline Zone at top speed! (Final Short Gear Ratio Issues)

Since previous Forza games there’s has been an issue where the car can crash the final gear ration when reaching their top speed.

It Is possible to change these gears without having to tune with different transmission upgrades? Most cars on real life actually reach their max top speed but always stay before touching the redline.
In the game most cars actually crash the redline, like they need another extra gear to avoid this, but this of course affect their stock values and not all of cars actually offer this feature to be changed.

An Example:

  • The Ferrari 812 Superfast has an top speed of 354KM in real life. Exactly like in the game, so this is actually great represented.
  • But at its 7th gear it can reach the same top speed but it stars crashing the redline, repeating the speed one and over again or sometimes it wont continue anymore.
  • In real life the car reaches 354KM just like in the game, but actually it never hit or touches the redline zone, it stays under the 7000RPM all the time.
  • Another example its the Warthog and Unimog, classics like Charger RT or Daytona, Off-road snow like Fiesta and Focus RS, tractoys like the The new Hotwheels Twin Mill and Ultima GTR, etc.

This issue should be considered and improved at some point, vehicles with this issue are most common from: Classic Muscle Cars, Extreme Rally Cars, Track toy cars and even some Hyper cars in general.

What annoys me is that Automatic will bounce the needle a lot before shifting in low gears on several cars.

TI Hsien you had a good catch! But I tough this thread never appeared actually, Forum giving a very slow loading.

But this is exactly what I explained before, in several Forza games the gears still crash the redline even after reaching their top speed. As well the automatic vehicles bounce the needle before changing, and mostly when accelerating. But its much preferable to play in manual to avoid this. I just submitted this to the discussion like the rest of the feedback, but this is something that may require support.

But the real issue are the short gears that can’t be changed in stock vehicles, despite their performance are right. It just need a way to make this gear longer to avoid this issue like the rest of the cars.

On the topic of inaccurate specifications, the McLaren F1 GT is missing a few inches of ride height, with suspension set to max ride height. It causes the car to regularly bottom out and lose traction, on the road, without added aero (it’s worse with aero parts), with all feasible suspension setups. I sent a support ticket last Thursday and have not received a response yet.

List of Vehicles crashing the redline (Updated):

-Ford Focus Rally Variants
-Ford Fiesta Rally Variants

-Charger R/T 1960
-Charger Daytona 1970

-Chevrolet Chevelle 454
-Chevrolet El Camino

-Chevrolet Nova SS
-Chevrolat Nova 396

-Plymouth Cuda 426 HEMI
-Oldmobil Hurts

-Ferrari F12 Berlinetta
-Ferrari 812 Superfast

-Ferrari 458 Speciale
-Ferrari 458 Italia

-Alumi Craft
-Ariel Nomad

-Mercedes Benz Unimog
-Halo Warthog

-Ultima Evolution 1020
-Pagani Zonda Cinque

And yet similar cars to checked.

I don’t know if the gear ratios on the muscle cars are incorrect. They might have been given factory, performance (short, for acceleration) final drive ratios.

Every other car has gear-limited top speed because in real life they benefit most from close gears.

The 458’s take a lot of road to reach top speed. The F12, not as much. I don’t have an 812 to test. I’ll take your word about the real 812 holding 7000 rpm at top speed. That could signify an inaccuracy in Forza’s tire sizes. I don’t know, I don’t care, honestly. Most of my class builds have sport or race gearboxes.

That’s the thing, you get my idea but a car should not be always tuned to fix this issue. And I prefer them Stock or Factory than fake tuned.

Not any car in real life will ever crash the redline zone ever, the only ones capable of doing that are Le Mans Prototype by footages.
There’s just no any single video of any car where you have to un press the throttle or it will crash the redline zone.

The top speed in Forza Horizon 4 are very accurate than previous, but they still crash the zone. Even in Forza Motorsport 7 have this issue. So this is not about the wheels or anything.

Ferrari 812 Superfast , V Max 360 Km/h . Top Speed .Acceleration, Sound. Autohaus Dorian, Dorin - YouTube -Ferrari 812

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta TopSpeed 350km/h on Abu Dhabi Highway - YouTube -Ferrari F12

Watch this video and then compare, if you go watch the both cars are around 7000RPM at 7th gear. In the game both surpass it!

The physics have been much the same for many generations of Forza releases. The video you shared of the F12 shows a max speed in 6th gear of about 328kph. In FH4, with stock (sport) tires, max speed in 6th was 321… race tires 323+, drag tires 324+. Telemetry read the rear wheels as 328 to 329 kph in each instance. Either the real car is spinning it’s tires at 335 to achieve 328kph, or the tire size is wrong, or Forza’s tires just don’t work right.

It no about the tires! Because this gear issue doesn’t appear in the rest of the cars.

And they have a 7th gear if you noticed! Their max top speed its what have this aspect, when reaching more than 350km. No before it.