Cars become suddenly and randomly unresponsive mid turns!

Does anyone know any info or have experienced this issue? Basically I’ll be mid turn going round a corner an all of a sudden my vibration in my controller will just disappear, and my car will stop turning and literally just straighten its self out. It happens randomly though. Can sometimes have a full race where it’s fine. Tried 2 brand new controllers and same outcome. ???

There were some threads about this a while back. Can’t remember what happened as it seemed to be random.

Batteries low?

Maybe you have assists on? Or as stated by RPM, could be your batteries?

The XB1 dashboard has an icon on the top right displaying the battery life.

I don’t use any assists. Batteries have full life. Have my deadzones set at 0 and 100

Are your controllers updated to the latest firmware ?

Does the bug also appear when you play with the controller connected via USB ???

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Yeah the controllers updated mate. I haven’t actually tried playing whilst connected to the USB but I will give that a go :slight_smile:

Won’t help. It’s a bug, has been around since November. Of course it hasn’t been fixed yet. Let’s hope for the future.

Have you tried shutting down completely and unplugging everything for at least 2 minutes? Everything has to be completely unplugged to break the circuit. Then reboot and make sure you have all updates. This fixed it for me.

There was some other issue where I had to hold the power button for 15 seconds when turning it back on, or something like that. But I think that was for a disk read problem.


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Yeah tried shutting down and unplugging everything and still no luck. I read in another thread that it seems to be controller related, something to do with calibration