cars available in Forza 7

I was recently overseas and on my return I notice there were some cars released in forzathon and special sales that I have missed out on. My question is, will these cars be released again at a later date, will I have a chance of receiving them some other way or do I just miss out because I wasn’t in the country too bad!!

The chronology of past and upcoming announced Exclusive model releases is listed in the first post of this thread:
Turn 10 has not specified which cars will be repeated or when unreleased cars will be released beyond the coming weeks. Other than the Livery and Photo contests in the Community Events forum (“giving winners the chance to choose from a selection of cars previously only available via Forzathons, Bounty Hunter Rivals and Specialty Dealer.”) there’s no way to provide a concrete answer to your question.

Depends on the cars but with Speciality Dealer they seem to be on a rotation repeat, available in the AH or if you know what cars u missed then some of us might have repeats and willing to part with them.

Speciality dealer seems to be on an about 6 week rotation.