Carraway71 Gallery

Hi. I thought I’d start a gallery after accidentally pausing for a shot when flames were coming from the exhaust. Here it is.

Edit. Replaced it and others after some shadows/highlight adjustment post-Forza.

S2000 external combustion

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And a Civic on an open road.


And a good old Miata.


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Another S2000

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A 944.

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I like the long distance shots. A little CC if I may, adding some aperture will add a lot of depth to your photos, and playing with the setting sliders can really make the shots pop more. You’ve got decent composition, I’m interested to see what you can do!

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Rally Porsche

I like the ideas behind your shots. Creativity is the path to progression!

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Thanks. The photography threads are also helping me see the difference between the newer XBoxes and my early XBox One.


Eh, not good.

I like the i8 shot, I like the idea behind the sprite but it’s between too zoomed in and not zoomed in enough. Those shots work best when you’re capturing a more specific detail of the car or are capturing the whole thing, but I like to see the experimentation!

P.S. you can post multiple shots in the same post, and it’ll clean up the thread quite a bit.