Carman's Epic FM6 Photography UPDATE: [5/3/16: Bone Shaking Madness]

Decided to open my FM6 gallery now.

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I’m liking that BAC photo. It’s pretty juicy.

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+1 I also like the first shot.

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Late here, but thanks.

yeah that BAC shot is quite very good indeed

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I like the vibrant colors in the first shot!

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Thanks for the feedback! Here’s more!

The Forza Motorsport Logo can't be seen because of the whiteness.

I really dig the Veneno Tail light shot, it has like a demon-like feel to it. I really like it

+1 Nice work!

Run for your lives everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

New update!

The last shot of the Nissan looks great!!

+1 Nice shot!

I love this shot, the high contrast, the black and white, it feels like pure classic (but not too classic of course) racing. Nice stuff here carman :smiley:

^^ I agree! Fantastic work!

The nissan shot is a work of art!

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Aparrently, two of my photos at the first post disappeared. To tell you the truth, I was using images from this site. I may need another image hosting site account in the future.

Use Flickr!

I shall.

UPDATE. I managed to upload my photos to Imgur.

See in next post for new images.