Career Restart

I was curious as to how you can restart your career completely? Like, wipe out your save profile entirely and start from scratch. Sorry if this is well known, I’m kinda clueless about it.

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Not entirely sure how it works on PC but, if on Xbox, you should be able to go to “manage game and add-ons” and then delete the local data…when starting the game, it will try to sync to the cloud save…if you cancel the sync then it should then restart you at the beginning. Not guaranteed though. Once the save sync was taking forever, so I cancelled it and it started me at the beginning (albeit that was on FH4 but it should still be the same)

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Nursemorph is correct - you will need to delete your local game save data, and then re-launch the game, and cancel the offer to re-sync to your cloud save.

I have successfully re-started the game / career - this time with a focus of doing only what I want to do - ignoring all of the game content from PGG.


When you restarted the career do you get the same vip and welcome pack cars again? I am wanting to reset to avoid starting street scene and keeping the shipping yard instead.

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After re-starting, I again received the VIP crown (though no VIP bonuses, which I understand is common to all VIPs so far), and the Welcome Pack cars, etc. I only lost the cars and credits of course.

Very happy that I re-started the game, good luck with yours.

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What do you mean by no VIP bonuses?

Double Credits, double FP points have yet to make an appearance in my game.

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I installed Forza through game pass and this is my first Forza. Unlike other games I’ve played, this game for some odd reason does not give you a “New game” or “Restart career” option. Only “Continue”. Why is this the case with this game? And how exactly do you wipe out a profile from xbox game pass version? I installed it on a different drive, not the Root drive (C: on my PC)