Career Mode Questions

A few simple questions on career mode:

  1. Am I missing something or is the only way to play by going through the stories of Motorsport?
  2. once in a story and selecting a series, you get to choose from six car types. Can you go back and replay series In a different car type?
  3. am I blind or does the PI for each series not appear anywhere? Would love to know that Night Series is limited to A 660 before choosing a car

I miss the fora 4 screen with all races on one screen as small tiles, working series that way. This feels very restricted.

Loving the game thigh. Graphics, cars, sounds are amazing. Racing on Brands Hatch or Watkins Glen is superb.


Initially, progression is regimented via the Stories of Motorsport career. One you complete a volume, you can replay it with any car that meets the requirements of any of the six possible classifications.

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Hopefully I understand what a volume and what a series is, but I was able to complete the 1st series in the 1st volume twice before going on to the second series. I completed the 1st series in both hot hatch (Vw 1st ed GTi as well as Golf 2) and in Rallye (new Golf R - the car I chose to do the intro with). I am now in the middle of the 2nd series and noted I have to complete all 5 races before changing series.

Now, in order to redo the 1st series, I did have to exit career mode and then reenter, but I definitely have 2 check marks for completion in the first series.

Maybe it was just a fluke. I am looking forward to completing the 2nd series to try out redoing either of my completed series again, but I am having too much fun restarting each race until I place first and then seeing how high I can set the Drivitar’s difficulty and still place first. Yes, you definitely can restart each race before going on but once you go on you cannot go back without redoing the entire series, AND you get the rewards for the race you just completed before restarting. This is probably not what the creators had in mind, but this is how I enjoy playing Forza.

I am hoping there is a way to redo specific races without redoing the entire series as we could in Forza 5. Maybe this can only be done in Free play.

There is a way to get out of the series in the middle of it. I’m not exactly sure where the screen is, but there is an option to select the stories of sotorsport, and from there is an option to view the volumes, and you can change series there. I have done it before.

I agree with point three - you used to be able to press X to see restrictions IIRC, but in 6 I haven’t found how to see the restrictions :-/

just check the starting grid right befor first race and u cee the PI of the Drivatars

You dont even need to go that far. The point is the fact you have no idea what class your running and it is a pain to find out your out of spec one way or the other and have to back out rebuild the current car of find one that will fit the restrictions to enter.

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^^ Thanks for that info. I will definitely explore that option.

For clarification:

Stories of Motorsport has five volumes.
Each volume has three series.
Each series has 4 - 6 races.

Outside of the above, is there a way to play individual races? For example, let’s say I only want to do volume 2, series 2, race 3. Would I have to play races 1 and 2 first?


Once you finish the first volume then you can go back and replay it by going through the Motorsports rather than Career tile. As for knowing what class your car can be for each series (this bugged me as well) select the series and select buy car. All the cars from this option are upgraded to max allowed for the series and what cars are eligible, so for example the Compact series in volume one is limited to E class and about 10 cars. Now that you the class and the car models eligible you can exit and tune your own car or go to the regular Find Car tile and buy and tune an eligible car.

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Thanks for that. Makes sense; just wish it stated E class with PI of X prior to progressing.

I am hoping there is a way to redo specific races without redoing the entire series as we could in Forza 5. Outside of the above, is there a way to play individual races? For example, let’s say I only want to do volume 2, series 2, race 3. Would I have to play races 1 and 2 first?
Does anyone have any info on this. I hope its like forza 5 and you can go back and race specific tracks and not the entire series. If not, does it become available when you complete the initial stories of motorsport?

Once you completed the volumes, it opens up all the series, but you can’t go to a specific volume/series/race other than starting from the first race in that series, meeting it’s minimum objective (usually 3rd place) then advancing to the next race.

I just have to vent for a second. I paid for the top of the line version of forza 6 and I can’t choose which races I want to play even after I’ve completed the career mode? I’m at the mercy of playing tracks in the order of the career mode? That means if I want to run at Brands Hatch in that series with that division/ class car I have to play at the 3 tracks BEFORE I get to that one to play? And I can’t eliminate racing cars from the S class in free play? Is anybody else upset about this?


I am not sure if this has been covered already but I am a little confused. With in career mode previous you have been able to look at the race series, see what cars qualify for the event and then what class they need to be in. In Forza 6 this doesn’t seem to be the case, you have to buy the car and the upgrades to meet the requirements. As a tuner I don’t want the auto upgrades as it does it very strangely and I want to be able to and the upgrades I want.

As it stands I haven’t found away to know what class the cars needs to be other than buying a qualifying car then changing the upgrades to meet the class that the car was pre built to.

Sorry if this is a repeated thread or if I am been dumb and missing something. Other than this I am loving the game :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for Forza 6 to launch in my region, but I’m sure you won’t have to buy the car, you can browse to see the PI / model type and then exit and go buy it normally. Was the same in Forza 5.

When you are browsing cars to buy for the series, each car will show you the maximum PI for the series (as when you buy them, they come maxed out).

So, the flow is, select series, select car “group”, go to buy cars, look at first car, it’s PI will be the maximum for that series, and will also show you the qualifying cars for the series restriction, so you can see which car you want to use, then back out of career, buy that car and manually upgrade it.

Yes, it’s convoluted…

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Ah right, so the the PI that it puts the car to is the PI for that series? I think on FM5 the PI didnt matter you could do what you want pretty much as long as it met the body or age requirements. It would be nice if when you go to restrictions it told you that it needs to be Hatch Back and C class. Just to make it easier. I did like Horizon 2’s way of filtering cars by there group too, so you could filter by race type.

Yup, I am pretty sure they are “trolling” me… :smiley: :smiley: