Career Mode ... Pointless grind again?

One of the biggest let downs of FM5 was the bland career mode that had no sense of acheivement . Now after seeing some career mode gameplay vids of FM6 it appears although set up differently , Its has the same boring play through . Finish in the top 3 to progress to the next race … Wash , rince and repeat . and then once youve done the races it just says section complete ! How exciting …NOT ! You havent actually won anything . Theres no sense of competition atall …theres no championship ladder or series …No points accumalating … No sense of accomplishment whatsoever ! I honestly cant believe its like that again .

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Honestly, I enjoy career mode and didn’t find the overall experience in Forza 5 to be significantly different from the career modes in the earlier versions of Forza as far as the ‘grind’ is concerned. The sesnse of accomplishment for me is the 100% completion of career mode.

I spend the majority of my time in career mode or rivals to avoid all the issues in the online lobbies.


I agree 110%

Not sure what you were expecting? For a game with such a wide selection of cars and disciplines including road & track cars I think it’d be really difficult to forge a career with any meaningful sense of progression. If you tried to recreate the career of a racing driver, a whole bunch of the cars in the game would be pretty much obsolete for single player. I have played games that try to do that, and honestly, I found that quite boring too. I’ve never spent much time in the career mode because I find it a bit dull, but then I find most racing games single player a mode a bit boring. Still, I’m sure there will be racing series that concentrate on a single discipline that are akin to mini championships. Like a BTCC series, F1, Formula E etc.

IMO in any racing game if you want competition, you need to go online. We’ve got the new league system for online, plus there is rivals if you really want a challenge.

I don’t think the money is going to pile up as fast in forza 6, VIPs in forza 5 were making 70k every time u level up plus the money at the end of each race. I had 300, 000,000 credits before my game corrupted last week.[Mod edit - WSD Profanity,alluding to profanity and circumventing the word filter is against the ToS and CoC]

I guess in past Forza careers like forza2 for example that had a similair set up …you atleast got a gold …silver or bronze rating depending on how you did in a particular series . Forza 6 not even that by the looks of it . You get a little tick in the corner and thats it . Like i said ive only seen the beginning of the career mode of this game but that looks to be what it is …sigh

It’s been mentioned a few times that the career entails over 70 hours of gaming, and by the looks of it, will cover multiple classes, car types, and disciplines. What more reward do you want from a racing video game? The chance to touch Dan’s beard?




Restraining order process started…


Now thats funny. I don’t care who you are… :slight_smile:



The legendary Dan Greenabeard!!

Its not a career mode . Its just a bunch of races set up and divided up restricting you to use a certain car . Theres nothing to actually link them up … theres no progression . Theres no acheivement . Its no different to just setting up ya own quick race with AI … running through it and quiting out at the end . Its a collection of pointless races …thats it .

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So call it “Campaign mode” and hey presto? :slight_smile:

Really though, the achievement is in setting the Drivatars at a challenging level, setting assists at a challenging level, finding or making a drivable tune, and then winning the race. Finding the right combination for multiple cars in multiple classes on multiple tracks is no small feat. If it’s a ‘grind’ because it’s boring because it’s too easy then turn the difficulty up and take each race as an opportunity to challenge yourself to take that corner a little hotter, stick a little closer to the car ahead and force an error, get a little more acceleration, grip, or top end out of the tune, and be the first to take the chequered. Do that in E class cars, then D, then C and so on through X class and that’s progression, which leads to a sense of accomplishment or achivement.

Of course, there is the possibility that you personally can spank Unbeatable Drivatars with zero assists in all 471 cars at all 26 tracks no matter whether it’s day, night, or raining, in any PI class, in which case, yes, career/campaign will be a chore for you, but for the rest of us it’s an opportunity to have fun, practice race-craft, and get better. Having watched Raceboy77 lose career races yesterday to Unbeatable Drivatars, I suspect the majority of us will have ample opportunity to learn …



I’m not sure there has been any major difference in any racing game as far as the single player aspect goes. You race, you collect credits, you collect cars, you race on different tracks in different cars. Like LuckeyDoug said, the sense of accomplishment is finishing 100% of the career.

I much preferred the grid page that had every championship in the game allocated a little box. I just went through that. There was a lot more than seventy hours gameplay there. Still that was FM4 and this is now. Market research says kids rulz must be applied hence finishing third gets you a gold medal. Then theres the wheelspin thing which is all but the same as having power up, guns n ammo etc patches to run over while speeding to the front of the pack in Sonic All Stars Racing.

Sim style racing is still possible but its very much in the decline. Boing boing arcade style is where its at now. forza Motorsport looks stunning. But it has been designed for the Sonic and Mario school of driving. Even so theres plenty still to enjoy!

There is still a lot to enjoy for sure. The wheelspin thing could actually prove to make single player more challenging. Have you noticed the little icons above the drivatars in the demo? Perhaps the drivatars also get the use of mods. Perhaps the benefits the drivatars receive scale along with difficulty and they get rare mods which boost grip and power… Will have to wait for full game but if that’s the case single player could prove to be very competitive regardless of how many races there are.

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Being one of the people who’s been playing since 2, I was really hoping 6 would be the breakthrough that 3 was. So far with the demo I’m a bit disappointed seeing that it looks like it’s built around “an always online, we’ll give you a ‘career’ mode because we have to” mentality. 4’s career grid after the season approach was probably one of the things I liked best about it, along with the introduction of true downforce on GT and LMP cars. As far as the demo goes, the game and controller mechanics are probably the most disappointing thing that I’ve noticed so far. I was really hoping that progressive braking akin to what a real car is like would be incorporated instead of the “off/on/lock up the tires” switch from previous installments. Knowing that other devs have incorporated that mechanic successfully into other games (for years, in some instances), I would hope it isn’t too much to ask. If I wanted an arcade style racing game I’d stick with the Horizon series or NFS.

Oh well, looks like I won’t be shelving some of the other “hardcore” racing sims yet and just use 6 to dink around on a track in road cars…

Guys I don’t see why youre defending T10 so hard, the OP didn’t say anything wrong. All of you would love a career mode that made the game better, doesn’t matter if “all racing games” are like that. Its ok to want more.


This has been the Forza (and even GT) formula all along.

Forza isn’t an action or story-driven racing game - it’s all about taking part in events, making money, buying cars and upgrades, tuning… repeat. And it works great, IMO.

To take a break from that, there’s always MP, hotlapping and rivals. So I’d say the career is right where it should be or what one would expect it to be.

Who knows, maybe they’ll introduce endurance racing through DLC with fully animated pit stops, requiring the driver to execute intelligent pit stop strategies, while keeping an eye on tire wear and fuel usage.

You’ve got to give it to T10 though: consistent improvements in physics, audio and visuals in every single game. They listen to the fans. While not all requests are entertained, I believe most do. Do you know any other console devs who have shaped their franchise into what it is today by constantly making refinements? Hmm… not one comes to mind. Forza is at the pinnacle.

Pardon the rant - it’s an exceptional product and should be given credit for what it’s achieved.

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