Career mode & Dubai Circuit crash to dashboard - Xbox One

Whenever I try to start the career mod, the narrator talks about the challenges etc an then the circuits come up and then the game instantly crashes back to dashboard. I can run around in free run perfectly fine, rivals works okay too. But if I try the dubai circuit, the game crashes, the same applies for the dubai rivals vip challenge.

Anyone else having this issue, or is it just me?

Have you tried hard resetting your console since installing yet

hard reset in terms of turning it off and at the wall too? If so yeah I’ve tried that one and gained nothing still.

Just got into a dubai race in the multiplayer hopper, thought this will be interesting to see. Put on the grid and I was floating in the middle of nowhere, only background textures had been loaded.

Think I’ll give this game a miss for a week and hopefully all these issues should be rectified.

same here