Career has stopped at season 9 on race 6 where I need to get R2 racing car

Not sure why so many car restriction in this game and that is reason why I have stopped playing your games.

That is probably one of the races where you need a GT2 cars (not necessarily an R2 car) - visit and look at the FM4 spreadsheets - look in the Achivements and Eligibility column (should be O) and search for GT2 cars - eg the #62 Ferrari 458.

Thanks for the link but isnt clickable.Not sure you beat this event.I’m on my fourth try.

Apologies for the non clickable link - still works if you type it and it is an easy one at least.

Yes I have completed the career mode several times - using the #62 458 that I listed on at least one play through for those events that require a GT2 car (which are the events that most people have eligibility issues with because the restrictions aren’t very clear)…

Look at his Forza Total. Most likely he did. Anyway, I completed all ten seasons so I know I did. Look under restrictions for the race. It will detail what car is eligible. Then just buy one from the dealership.

Do you use hire driver feature and I hope I can get past this race event?

I have used the hire driver feature once or twice just for a laugh, but no, I like to win the races on my own.

Is that why I cant make enough credits to buy the car for this event by hire driver feature.Thanks for the good tips.

When you go to the Buy Cars section, press Y to select all affordable cars. Then X for car list, use the RB and LB buttons to sort cars by year, manufacturer, etc. You’ll be able find the cars by GT2, GT3, Prototype, etc
The reason for the car restrictions is the same as in real racing. There’s a reason you never see a Formula 1 car racing against a LeMans Prototype or GT car.

You can use any GT2 car in the race and come in last place. You will then move on to the next race.

I just started a new season after finishing several Career seasons. By now, you should have enough Credits to buy a GT2 car.
If you need more Credits, race a few more races in the Events section to get more Credits.

What happened to the FREE cars that you get for each Driver Level up to the 1st 50 Levels?

Happy racing!

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Best car to get at each level and I was up near level 30 but game save was lost.

Level 38 will get GT2 cars - you have been using the hire driver right? Would explain why you haven’t got to that level yet.

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I use hire driver too much and I think it the bad idea.

It will significantly reduce your credits earned and reduces the XP which is what levels you up, not to mention the idea is to race and this is a very good game for those that want to race - so many tracks and cars and events to choose from.

I guess I wont be playing this game anymore.

You can remove the restrictions on classes by selecting Open in the difficulty menu.

Okay I’ll try this then thanks and not sure I can look on youtube for career mode walkthrough.I think I rushed in this game.


Maybe I was choosing the wrong car at every driver level up.Not sure I give this game another try.