Cara Este "drift" mountain

thanks devs for the consideration when adding that mountain immediately instead of waiting for an expansion pack.

The drifting is easy to get used to, but then again, been drifting since FM1 days.

One small change, when starting from the top after that right hairpin, that transition. out of 11 times, 9 when im focused, i slam into the rocks thats close to the road. the other 2 times, i have to deliberately try to avoid it, then I get back to the groove. - move that rock a bit back, or make it longer along the road so I dont go down like the titanic hitting the tip

Turns are also a bit too far spaced out compared to horizon 4 but all I thought about were nice touge runs so no issue there.

note : I didnt look at sneak peaks ,lists or links to see whats coming, I like to be surprised.

of course, this is just an opinion and ill most likely get used to it after a few more passes.