Car upgrades vs real life

As an example, it seems a lot of cars come with limited slip differentials, factory, real life. Yet, i go to upgrade a car in this game and it doesnt come with a limited slip diff, yet the real world counterpart comes with one, stock. Why? Though??

Just because you can not tune it does not mean it doesnt have it in the game. You can not tune factory LSD in Forza just like you can not tune them in real life. Once you install adjustable diff in the game its like having an aftermarket diff in real life where you can order to your specs.

You can tell which cars have LSD in the game pretty easily.


Hmm interesting. But aren’t factory diffs in-game just 1-way diffs?

Now that I am not sure of.

Suspension, transmission, diffs and other upgrades are genaric to simplify tuning and PI.

Yea, i guess so…?

My only complaint with upgrade system is that you can’t install high boost setups for say 1500hp GTR’s to drag race. Turn 10 have made it clear Forza is not directly intended for drag racing, but gave us drag strips for kicks.