Car tunes changing by themselves.

Question here guys,
I have done some tuning in every Forza game…not a ton but some tuning.
Now my question…If I have more than 1 tune for a car and I go into test drive at a track ( Maple Valley ) and adjust the tune installed on my car it adjusts that tune but also the tune I didn’t have on my car.
As an example 2 tunes, a grip and a speed tune for a car. Grip has tire PSI @ 28 and Speed tune is at 30 PSI for the tires. I have the speed tune on and driving in test drive at Maple Valley. I decide to lower the tire PSI to 29 and go back to testing. If I then back out and load the grip tune my tire PSI is also at 29 PSI up from 28 but I didn’t change that tune only the speed tune.

How can I make 2 different tunes for a car?

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U know I encountered something weird but I chucked it off to me being sleepy. It was while tuning the McLaren F1. I created a saved tune. I wasn’t satisfied so I continued testing and made some adjustments. Downforce ran some laps, camber ran some laps, and damping ran some laps. Still wasn’t satisfied so I loaded the save but, the downforce was what I changed it to after creating the save and so were the other two. I hadn’t written down the settings or used my spreadsheet so I figured I was just sleepy and didn’t remember what it was in the first place. I’ll try again and post here if something is not right. Figured I was too sleepy to be making adjustments so I wanted to go back to the settings before I started adjusting again.

You know, I believe there is something “funky” going on. I’ve had issues with having a saved tune, then entering Test Drive, making some changes, saving…then when I exit and check the tuning values, they’re reset somehow. And it seems like whatever I changed is now saved, but other default values on other settings were substituted. I’m not sure what is going on, but I believe there are bugs. Better to be safe…make sure you have a backup of a tune, just in case!!!


Sounds an awful lot like FOOT’s infamous FM5 bug where if you loaded a tune on a test drive or in rivals it didn’t load properly and the front suspension and camber was left default. Bug was patched but resurfaced in Horizion 2 and again in FM6. I’ve haven’t noticed any weirdness with adjusting a tune in Free Play and then saving it. I have multiple shared tunes for the same car and they seem to load correctly back in garage.



I think you are OK if you just have 1 tune for a car as it will make the changes to that tune only then. I have had the problem only with multiple tunes for the same car and any adjustments on 1 tune are made on more than that tune . I have only had a max of 2 tunes for a car, but they are the same exept parts and I could not change any settings on the 2 different tunes. Changing the air pressure on 1 tube also changes it on the one I don’t have loaded so they are staying the same exept for parts.

Man, I don’t like the sound of that. I routinely have multiple tunes for cars to try different options.

A saved tuning set up will be affected by any change you do while on test drive. It will overwrite your previous settings. I also cannot share any tunes as of now

I think you can share tunes and all is ok if you only have 1 tune per car. If you have 2 ( or more but I have only tested with 2 ) all the tunes for this car are changed but not every car setting for every car you made and saved in the game…at least I hope not😏
I think it is just letting us do 1 tune per car or multiple tunes with the same settings but different parts installed as I don’t think the parts installed are affected.

There is an issue going on, I have made several the Nascars that are reset as soon as you load them into a multiplayer lobby. I went back and tuned them again to make sure & the same thing happened again. NOT COOL FORZA seriously.

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There is something going on with the tunes. I made two tunes and lost everything on one of my tunes. At least an hour down the drain.

Make sure to save a lot! I made a tune, didn’t save, I exited out and saved there and the game hung up. I had to restart and lost my tune! It’s very frustrating.

Interesting that I have used the same car in more than a handful of races.
In a couple of them they acted like they were possessed, wandering all over
the place. I stopped the game and made changes to allow for assists…
Just odd that it happened.

I am having the same issue, and it’s extremely frustrating. I have wet, dry, grip, speed tunes that I tweak and save based on the tracks and conditions I am running, go back later to pull up those tunes and everything is back to default so it’s back to square one. This really needs to be addressed soon, because I am getting sick of doing the same work over and over again for literally no reason at all once leaving that track from the initial save

Only make changes in the garage. If you’re in free play or about to start a race, your tune settings will not save.

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To add. I loaded up a tune in the garage.

In free play I changed the build but not the tunable stuff thinking the tune was intact.

I did not do test drive. Did a free play race and car drove terrible. Looked at the tune after race and front camber and all of those settings were back to default.

I left and reuploaded the tune from garage and checked the tune and it was where it should be.

Glitch seems to apply when applying a tune change or build change from a saved tune.

Test drive setting don’t seem to disappear when make the tune and then leave to save in the garage.

This is all very interesting, I’ll definitely be looking into it. Something curious happened to me while loading and unloading tunes in test drive. It looked like numerical values for the stock parts (very soft), but the sliders were at minimum.

I think the only safe way is to load/save from the standard Tuning Menu, not from Test Drive. I’ve had instances where changed values were saved (in Test Drive), but then other values were defaulted…or something! Not sure. I also know that loading from Test Drive does NOT refresh the tune correctly, even opening another tune, then going back and loading the tune you were working on. Anyway, I don’t trust Test Drive! Keep backups, just in case!

Well, it’s good to know that there are some workarounds. That being said, it really defeats the purpose of having a test drive available where tuning changes can be made but apparently not saved…

I think it seems pretty obvious that when tuning, test driving is going to be required, so maybe rather than having to work around the games flaws, maybe the flaws should be addressed so that it actually saves when tuning and correcting tunes on a test drive? The system says it saves/shares, but clearly the “save” part is wrong. Lord only knows how many bogus tunes are being shared if it’s doing the same thing to the share file, cus that’s where I normally tune/share from… now I know better I guess.

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I’ve had this happen to me multiple times now, I constantly save my first tune make adjustments save it as a second tune and load the first tune to compare adjustments I’ve even quit test drive, changed parts, saved it as a second file only to find it changed the parts and tune on the first one.

The only way I’ve found to work around this is to actually share the tunes then unshare them after you’ve finished testing handling and lap times and such.

The problem is with the game, not you. I have noticed this when I was tuning my drifters and it acts the same as how the aero parts for the car were not loading in and you had to view another car, go back into upgrade and look at the aero parts again. This was happening a lot at prelaunch but I have not seen it since and I have tuned several cars, but then again, I don’t save the tune until it is finished. There is something about when you switch the tunes that is getting funkified and not showing it’s new attributes and the last time that happened to me, I viewed/got in another car and went back into it and the changes took affect.

Hope this clears things up a little for you guys. You’re not too sleepy, you’re not going crazy, it is something with the game and relaying the correct information.

My experience on this. . . .

No problem with tunes created/saved in the Garage Build/Tune. Here multiple tunes can be saved. All OK, never had a problem and never seen any switch back to default.

BUT in Free Play / Test Drive when you save as a New Named Tune, changes are also svaed to the orginal tune you took out on the track. If you then switch back and forth and make changes on either, the change will affect the other.

Comments in here about Builds being changed in Test Drive are confusing, as there is no way to change parts - change the build - in Test Drive.

Turn 10 - can you fix this please.