Car Topics/Dlc advice

well i am a big forza fan i am sure that all of you are in the forms they need to bring some cars back and also add some cars and they need to realize the fans are also crying some unique cars and to request some cars that need to be reviewed i hope turn10 takes this into mind for adding majority of the cars from all the previous forza motorsport games to horizon 3 and also to the modern motor sports games .

We have a Car Wishlist thread in each forum to compile user requests. I’ve gone through the threads and summarized the most requested cars for
and Horizon: (which I need to update)

DLC has been checking off a lot of these cars - most recently the Aston Martin Vulcan, Huayra BC, BMW M2, and Ford Crown Victoria in this month’s car pack. Given the variety of user requests not everyone’s favorite car will be met, but it’s worth adding your list to the pinned thread so your voice is heard along with everyone else.