Car stats - what am I missing?

I’m the first to admit I’m not the greatest driver - my joy comes from just buying the car I need to race in that division and racing. When I select a car, I tend to go for the ones with close to the highest top speed and acceleration stats. I figure I can overcome my ineptitude in the cornering department by getting off the line fast and going fast in the straights. I win almost all the time against Expert drivatars so I’ve been trying to play against Pro drivatars and I win sometimes - probably where I belong.

So here is what I noticed today. Going back to the first part of the Forza Cup, I decided to redo the Modern Hot Hatch division. I already had what the stats tell me is the best car for my style - the Honda Civic Type R with TS = 6.5 and ACC = 7.5. After a dismal start off the line a few times and not being able to catch up to the others, I then try the VW Golf with TS = 6.0 and ACC = 6.9. It takes off from the line way faster than the Honda. What?

With the Honda, I would get passed by the car behind me before the first turn. With the VW, I would pass one or two cars before the first turn. After a few laps in the Honda, I was 1000+ feet behind the leader. With the VW, I was never more than 1000 feet behind. These results are after a minimum of 3 restarts on each car.

I then try the Audi RS - which has similar stats to the VW Golf - and it’s even FASTER off the line and I am able to catch up to the leader even MORE (still finish in 3rd place, though).

Why does this happen? What am I missing?

Not gonna lie, I kinda cringed reading this, but nonetheless, I’ll give you some insight.

I’m going to assume the Audi you picked, was AWD. While the Honda, is FWD. AWD will almost always Launch from the line faster than a FWD car.

Launch does NOT equal Acceleration. Acceleration is how fast you’ll get up to your higher speeds, while Launch, is how fast you go from 0-X (30, 50, 75, etc). A car can have a higher Acceleration stat, but get off the line slower because it’s Launch is not as good.

AWD cars tend to have the best Launch, followed by RWD, and lastly, FWD, with some exceptions in that.

And a word of advice, cornering better is MUCH, MUCH faster than top speed. Anyone will tell you that. There’s a reason in pretty much every single online race, you’ll see people with straight cornering and braking upgrades, and basically no engine upgrades. And will even put parts than make their car have a lower top speed, but better cornering ability.

So with that being said, take the time to learn how to drive. I’m not saying any of this in a rude way, but just simply picking the car with the fastest top speed and acceleration, makes you look annoying. It literally fits that stereotype of a 9 year old picking the Bugatti Veyron because horsepower. Those are the people who crash into others to take turns, and everyone hates those kind of people.

You as a driver will feel more accomplished, see much better lap times, and be able to turn the difficulty up. As well as you won’t be getting reported constantly if you decide to go online, because you keep crashing into others at turns, or riding walls, because you can’t slow down fast enough with how high your speed is, and how bad your braking and cornering is.


This 100%.

Put a V8 Dodge Challenger against an Inline 4 Honda Civic Type-R and it becomes quite clear who’s gonna make it around the track faster.


Sound advice from Crimson Gungnir.

To BulldogFan9000:

If I am faced with a new situation, I default to Cornering stats first closely followed by Acceleration, with Speed being third (essentially as stated above). Depending on the car and track set up it is possible other stats could rise in the order, i.e. Braking, etc.

Like a lot of us, I jump to the Leaderboards to confirm the direction I am heading and look for a good tune. It is important to remember though the fastest time (if a tune is shared), may be tweaked to optimize a pole position/hot lap scenario, not necessarily the best tune for a race with other drivers. Tunes like Raceboy’s “Div Spec All” tend to be good all around, which helps moving through the pack, cornering off the race line etc. Driving style is critically important, and (time allowing) it is usually a good move to try out a few different cars and tunes to pick one that suits you to gain experience and push your limits (lower lap times).

I am half way through the Elite Championship and usually race around “Expert” using a controller with minimal assists. Nearly all my races are set to “Long”, and some car/track/tune combos are really good where Pro or Unbeatable difficulties aren’t that bad.

The stats are a good ballpark estimator for how your car will perform, but aren’t gospel. Sometimes cars with lower speed stats can actually have higher top speeds than ones with a higher stat, same with handling. Tuning is really what makes the difference.

Thanks for the responses, guys. I don’t take it personally, but understand that I know I’m an amateur and that’s exactly why I stay out of the online racing. I am fully aware that I would annoy the crap out of you guys! I’ll stick to doing better against the AI - who knows, maybe one day, I’ll figure it out and go online.

Thanks again!

Handling and accell are the most important.

Handling with speed for ovals.

Ignore the car stats,they are off most of the time,try your cars in free play,you will find the one that works best for you,stats will just make your head hurt!!!