Car sound ideas.

I know Forza is working on the game always. And will start off with. Thanks for the attention on the sounds of some cars and even making other even better (Like the Mclaren F1s. They sound amazing). Im focusing mainly of the sounds of the skylines (r32, r33, and r34) the r34 sound patch, which was awhile ago, sounded much better than the previous. It still does not really sound much like a skyline. I wanted to suggest simply using the sounds from previous games. Forza horizon 1 in my opinion had one of the best skyline sounds ever. And all 3 skyline gtr’s used the same engine essentially. I suggest using the FH1 skyline sound for all 3 in the next update. If not FH1. Then maybe the FH3 sounds that the R33 and R32 had in that game which were also amazing. That is all I really have to say. Thank you for the attention. nd thank you for reading if you did.