Can anyone please help with advice on how to choose the best car in the various Multiplayer Classes?

I’ve finally been able to get competent at driving without Abs/traction control/braking assists & also now drive Manual w/clutch, so i’m not sure why the cars i seem to choose can’t seem to keep up with other racers.

I’m guessing it’s down to my car selection especially because in Leagues - Spec League where all racers use the same car, i do way way better than Multiplayer Mode.

Thanks a lot.


Check out the leader boards for the track and performance index level you’re interested in. If the racer is using a publicly shared tune, you can download it. Go buy that car and try to catch their ghosts in the Rivals section for practice.

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As you skill level improves, so the selection of cars that are competitive, will grow. Its purely down to practice, knowing the circuits and how to subtly change the balance of the car through brake/accelerator application. Afraid there is no short cut.

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As Jason said the LBs are the best place to find the most competitive cars for every class. Give ABC’s a chance you get to race 4 different classes in 1 hopper with smaller groups(less chaos).

Also here is a thread with several great tunes in it.

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Thanks a lot for your replies guys i’ll put your advice to work, thanks again.

This video might be able to help you or give you a bit of insight: Picking Cars for Tracks (Forza Tips) - YouTube

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Thanks to D Bag Hero’s amazing article 17 Tips To Faster Forza Laps | Xbox One Racing Wheel Pro i’ve been following you ever since, thanks a lot for your helpppp *clap *clap *clap

I always try to race you in rivals but have no hope in the world lol lol i’ll make sure to go through ALL of your videos again, I tried forza for the first time when Forza 4 came out and gave up in minutes, but thanks to people like you, D Bag Hero, the Driver61 web site and kool people on here, Forza 6 is one of the Best Games i’ve every playeddd, despite how much of a long way i still have to go, thanks again Sir.

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I’d stay away from the very top of the LBs though. The cars that are the very fastest around a given track in the hands of a ridiculously skilled player in time trial are often complete pigs to drive for lesser mortals and downright dangerous in multiplayer lobbies.

Better to just play MP for a bit and note what the guys finishing towards the front are driving. You only really need 3 or 4 decent cars within a class to be competitive everywhere.


Very good advise Zed, i tried some cars that were practically “undrivable” lol so yes i’ll take your advise and stay away from the one’s that i can’t drive and move on to others on the list.

Yes, the plan is to have 3/4 cars within a class like you advised, thanks a lot.

Super-GT had a spreadsheet with suggested cars and tunes.

Touching on what Zed said, I smashed a league ghost lobby with my pet Opel Kadett. Doubt anyone else can drive that set up though without practice. It’s set up for my driving style.

Race in leagues too. Other racers will be more likely to be near your speed.

There we go. A ‘what car should I choose’ thread, with no mention of the Alfa 33 Stradale…

I’ll show myself out.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: I lovee the Stradale, that’s one of the one’s i stumbled on 2 days ago and yes i’ve been doing decently well in Leagues. thanks a lot Sir.

And yes I did stumble on SuperGT’s spreadsheet and will try out those cars too, thanks again, i appreciate your help.

There no need to promote these cars. The leagues had A Class 3 weeks in a row where the Alfa was by far the dominant car. Every body is afraid to get of out this cars because it’s easy win.

There are no leaderboard cars, it’s the right build and tune. And of course skills.

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Skill build/tune can’t over come some top LB cars. Giving up 2 sec a lap means a average drive will beat a good drivers. Cars like the Alfa are hard to match. I know there sleepers, but the closers skill level the less options you have to remain competitive.

The car itself is NEVER leaderboard. Otherwise everyone would drive them stock. And the build makes one car damn good. Wrong build and it is not competitive. Period.

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I just pick a few cars for my ghost leagues from a tuner I like and then just go with it. It’ more important to stay out of trouble and on the track then to try and pick the exact car or tune for each track/class combo. That makes my brain hurt too much. I never win unless there is only one person (me) lol in the room. I just have fun.