Car selection problem - maybe the game or maybe my wheel (now solved)

This problem just started on Friday (5/27) after having not played the game for a week.

When I try to select a car to buy or select one of my cars its like the down function of the XBOX button is on all the time. The list of cars for a specific make always moves to the bottom of the list and stays there, making the noise that is made when the button is moved.

I have a Fanatec CSR2 base and wheel. In other places where the down function of the XBOX button is usable the problem does not occur. It only happens when trying to select a car.

If I use an XBOX controller the problem does not occur.

I’ve restarted the game and the XBOX and also powered off the wheel but nothing changes. I also took the XBOX button off the CSR base and cleaned it but again nothing changed.

If the problem was with the wheel I would think the problem would occur anytime the down function of the XBOX button was active. But it doesn’t. That’s what makes me think that maybe the problem is with the game and one of the latest updates.

Anyone have an idea how I might solve this problem.

Thanks for your help.

It happened to me aswell and the problem was I wore out my brake pedal. It was so wore out that it woukd not fully come back up. The spring was broking I believe on my TP3A pedal set. If you go to the select a car menu and reach down and pull up on brake pedal the problem should stop. If not maybe someone on this thread might have some other ideas.

This was exactly my problem. I stiffened the brake pedal using the adjuster and the problem is gone. Thanks