Car resets way too early

You can’t be sideways / upside down for more than a second before you reset. Let me roll man, I got this. Don’t need the reset. Plz change back to H3 settings


Agreed! I got this too… lol

having 2 accounts on this forum will get you a ban for life!

I agree as well. I like to roll and go, not roll partway and then get arbitrarily reset.

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Supported as well !
Annoys me a lot.

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I seem to roll once, and it keeps on going. But if the roll over doesn’t land on wheels after first roll it resets during second roll. Not much different the fh3 to me.

This, game has lots of hills and such, please stop resetting me every time i hit a bump

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I think it is actually very inconsistent, I have had instance where my vehicle would be sideways for 10+ seconds sliding in a valley, grass or frozen lake to then reset 1-2 km back to where I started sliding. That happening in those frustrating freeroam rush race and you lost 10 seconds without controlling your vehicle to then finally be reset way back at 0km/h. That is a lost on that race for sure.

Then other time like you pointed out, the vehicle was about to get back on it’s wheel and then reset. Whyyy? I am thinking speed, race type, location, terrain type or something like that is taken in consideration to decide if you are going to do 1/2 flip and reset before landing on your wheel or just slides for kilometers on end without control before finally resetting.


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Yeah it’s super annoying. I’ve had instances where I roll almost completely over before the car resets and wastes even more time.
An easy fix would be having an option to toggle “fast reset” on or off so we could just hang upside down for as long as we want

It’s especially annoying when the car would have landed on its wheels if the game just let it continue, but the game resets it anyway. The same thing happened sometimes in FH3 though. I remember one time in FH3 I landed a jump poorly and the car did a front flip. It almost flipped all the way over to land on its wheels again and the game reset the car. It respawned stuck in the jump and every time I manually reset it, it spawned in the same place. I ended up having to quit the race.

Yes that is highly annoying. Sometimes it will also take upwards of 5 seconds to reset the car which often forces you to toss the entire race.

So, it can reset to quickly at times, and other times it takes to long.

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This has been driving me nuts for yonks! The amount of times I’ve been in an online games mode for the season event, have rolled for one reason or another, just self righted and then it resets my car costing me 5 seconds. It’s so annoying. It should be a case of waiting 5 seconds to self right or giving you a prompt if you want to do it.

No actually it should test if you can get onto your wheels, or not. In programming you can have an invisible car test it out very fast, because physics are actually slowed down in games.

What if we could remove the damage but still be wiser for the experience?..

I had made a post for this recent update but, up to me, if you have rewind activated, nothing should happen, if you have rewind deactivated , when rolling detected and instead of triggering automatically, just do that Y button reset position only during the time car is detected rolling. That way, player has the control.

I don’t think it’s a good message to kids that they can get away with anything though. Rolling is a lesson learnt, and rewinds shouldn’t really be allowed.

On a regular race, may be, on free roam, it’s much more random, no lesson to learn there except,may be, to stop using rally cars in favor of off road cars that shouldn’t even be a thing in dirt races.
Concerning rewind, given the time loss, I personally consider it ok even I prefer the 3 sec count down.

This is getting ridiculous!

Seems to be getting worse, especially in “The Eliminator” when more often or not you’re travelling cross country and can flip without warning.

It should be a rotational setting!

Say, if your car has done more than 270 degrees of rotation in either a forwards or sideways direction within 3 seconds, no reset! Dead simple! If you’ve rotated that far, it stands to reason the car will end right side up!

can’t be an automated feature there.

Like rewind, it’s up to player to make the educated guess flipping in the air will end ok or not.