Car position reset after rolling during race : changed delay

Position reset of car seems to happen so quick that for just 1 simple roll, even if car is back on its wheels, the reset happens, loosing you 10s instead of 3. is it something coming from last update ? I witnessed it only since this Sunday 29th.


Yes they’ve made it worse. The proper solution would be to remove the auto-reset altogether but give people a prompt to manually reset, which is triggered by the same detection system that currently auto-resets. So the code for this is already in the game. They just need to add a manual reset prompt, like when you get stuck and spin your wheels you get the same prompt. They could probably code this in five minutes.

On the off chance the devs read this and don’t understand the issue, it’s because a great deal of the time you do not NEED to reset, you do not WANT to reset. The car will very often end up back on its wheels of its own accord.


Probably the whole “auto reset” thing is unnecessary at all, because there are:

  • “Rewind”;
  • “Reset Car Position” in the pause menu. (in case “Rewind” failed to work)

Probably because serious drivers don’t tend to have their cars upside down…


There is no reset option in the pause menu in Eliminator, which is where the roll-over and auto-reset issue is the big problem.

The devs added a manual reset option for when you get stuck, which works pretty well. They could adapt this to include roll-overs.

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Simply adding one should suffice.

And mapping the defunct “Rewind” in “The Eliminator” to use the “Reset Car Position” routine.

What’s that?.. Didn’t even realized. (in “The Eliminator” only?)

What’s the concern? (I admit I failed to understand the core of “The Eliminator”)

Fixing the input mapping design should be of more effectiveness.

…I wonder how the future could be accurately predicted without sufficient input.

The fact it isn’t there now and they added in a different way to reset, must tell you that there was a good reason for it not being there.

Bad idea, too easy to accidentally hit Y and inadvertently reset. It’s why many people disable rewind for online racing.

This has been happening since the most recent update for sure. It’s really annoying and kinda sucks. Been finding myself going back to Australia the last week. Kind of a better overall experience package.

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I was wondering, we are on the official forum of Forza Horizon 4, there is not even a single post of someone complaining about this that I can remember. Given hundreds of ongoing bugs and hot topics why this one ?

Not explaining why this one but now I remember having read/share something about the duration of the black screen during car reset, I guess they considered reducing the time of rolling detection as not being able to reduce time of black screen … anything you feedback they transform it into an even bigger issue.

Dear Morglet 713, you indicated reading the forum posts but looks communication the other way around is not happening. Please make it happening, push subject even if it is not top topic, we will tell you about side effects, take it or leave it no pb, but give us opportunity to tell guys before it happens. This is just bad now. help us to stop this happening pleeeeeeeaaaaaase

For me the improvement was so simple, press Y, you have rewind activated, it does rewind, you have not, it resets car position, period. no message to localize, nothing unexpected, simple.

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Its irritating.

Make it a Manual reset we can choose
Make a setting where we can set the duration before Auto reset

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The fix would be to use a ghost car that uses faster physics than the real car, and the invisible ghost car would test the reset position ahead of you. Then the game would know in advance if you can be reset or not.

So again Eliminator coming into picture to kill racing experience … poor FH …

Obviously, car reset should happen, when pressing Y, only if car is rolling which they already detect happening given for now they click on the button for you letting you no choice.

Glad I’m not the only one that finds this annoying. I had it the worst today, was about to land, in 1st place and it put me back literally over 600m. Needless to say, I didn’t stand a chance after that!


The devs need to watch that, realise how stupid it is, and fix it. Please.


This stupid new “feature” cost me at least 1 Eliminator win yesterday after resetting me a nanosecond before the car would have been on all four wheels again. At least a few other times it did the same right before it would have been on all four wheels that weren’t as costly. And yet I’ve still had a car roll and keep going without reset lately, too, so it isn’t consistent. You’d think the game would know you’re about to be back on your wheels and just let it go.


I just rolled over, and landed on my wheels, and had time to accelerate before I was reset!

Even if they fix it, I am just totally scared about what, a team that is able to put this to production, is going to deliver next.

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I had to do some more testing, but It happens in races, in playground events, and in Free Roam. But yeah, its super annoying.

I’ve seen this too. In races, in freeroam, all over the place. It’s ridiculous lately. I’ve recovered from rolls been in the process of landing, or have landed on 4 wheels, often even upright and skidding to a stop only to be respawned. A couple weeks back, I was test driving the Napier, and went off the road, hit a bump, and flew into the air. I didn’t even roll. I caught air, but I was upright the whole time and landing. I would have stuck the landing, but the game decided to respawn me.

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While rolling over rarely happens to me (tend to stick on tarmac and lower class cars), that’s really bad. Much worse that I thought while initially glancing through this topic. Hope they fix this.

this modification is getting mad …