Car perk completion marker

i want a car perk completion marker if i have all perk at car selection it in the corner of the car…what if you run out of that race perk…to purchase again…mmmm it show it in a different color mmmm

I’m lost. I have absolutely no idea what OP is talking about. Car masteries have two colours as far as I know - White and Turquiose.

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I’ll take a shot … OP wants a marker or something to show the car has all its masteries completed, something similar to the markers used in the garage to designate favorites, DLC cars and the car currently being driven. Or maybe it’s a marker that shows the status of the 10-race boost mastery tile when you are outside the mastery tiles. How did I do?

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you did good…you could say get a marker for all masteries but ya what do you do when you run out of 10 race boost…

have the marker change color…good idea…

put marker in to left corner of car image…per car make it a circle that iz purple to tell you you have some mastery on the vehicle…it green if you have all…if nothing no marker if you have none maybe add a search those 3 type to see faster what car to add perk…

People have asked for this since release so I’m guessing it will never happen
So you could see in the auction house if perks are used as well