car pass

What is the car pass for ?
Where do you get a car pass ?
What is a season pass for ?

These commonly asked questions are all answered in the FM5 Game FAQ thread stickied at the top of this forum:

I looked through the FAQ and didn’t see it, Thank you for the info

You sound new so ill give you some advice. If you’re going to buy a car pass id wait a month or so for car pass #2.

/IF/ There’s a car pass two. No one knows yet.

Maybe there won’t be a car pass two, but I’m pretty sure there will be more DLC after this “season” and I wouldn’t be surprised if they would get more of the requested cars.
But who knows, we’ll see.

Yes I am new to FORZA MOTORSPORTS and am not sure if I need the car pass to buy car packs, Thank you for the info