Car Pass

If I purchased the car pass now, will I get the cars I have missed so far?

You should get any packs that have been release and the remaining packs to be released. You still have to buy the cars in the game after downloading the pack but the first one you buy should be free and any additional cars of the same make and model will cost you in game credits. You would not get anything that has been gifted out though.

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ok, Thanks

All the previous cars will appear in My Cars as Free after the car pass installs,no need to purchase with in-game credits

I seem to be getting all the car pack cars for free when they come out. No idea why but i’m not going to complain

Did you purchase the Ultimate edition of the game? If so, that’s why.

Yes this time turn 10 included car packs in the bid dog edition making it competitively priced (this was a huge move for getting people to buy all in and it worked). You will always get every car in the packs, both past and present no matter when you purchase.

You get the first 6 cars packs that started in October, regardless of when you buy the car pass

You will not get any car packs that come out after March, and you will not get the Fast and Furious car pack when you buy the car pass