Car Pass problems

I bought the ultimate edition, so I have the VIP and Car Pass. My XB1 broke a while ago, so I’m using another one, made sure both were installed, but I am unable to use them. I tried to get the car packs, but it’s showing that they’ll cost me, and when I try the car pass option, it says I already have it. And so I am unable to download the new cars.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything, power cycling, signing out and back in. I’m stumped. Is the car pass tied to the original device instead of the live account? Is there a resolution?

You don’t need to go and buy them again
With the car pass they are automatically loaded into your game…just go to the “find a car” section and get them

Since you would have ( or should have )resynced your profile whatever you had already bought should be in your garage already