Car Pass Owner being charged for Road America Booster Pack

This is the second month in a row I have faced a problem with DLC in Forza 5. Last month none of previously installed DLC was available to me until I manually uninstalled and reinstalled all of my DLC, at which point everything was fine.

This time I have updated the game to the latest build and, once again, the Road America cars are showing as DLC that needs to be installed, but this time when I go to the Road America Booster Pack page it asks me to Buy it for $4.99!

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled all DLC in the hope that this would fix the problem, but no luck. Needless to say, I DO have the Forza 5 Car Pass successfully installed and all other DLC is working fine except I’m being asked to pay for these cars that should be free to me as a Pass Holder.

How do I fix this and why is this BS occurring every month? I just want to play what I’ve paid for!

So I shut down the console, restarted it, once again deleted all DLC and bonus content, then redownloaded and reinstalled all DLC and bonus content, was still being shown a $4.99 charge for the Road America Booster pack, but now I had the cars in-game, whereas before they were being shown as needing to be downloaded.

I don’t understand what is causing this, but I find it disingenuous, at best, that they give you the option to drop $4.99 on something that should be free to you. My immediate reaction to the new content was to pay for it, because I assumed it was not free to Car Pass holders. Only once I searched the net did I realise this content should have been free to me and that there was a problem. thumbs down

I’m certain you did all of that for no reason at all. As has been stated, the vehicles were instantly available to Car Pass owners following the update.

Same thing here it is asking me to pay for it as well…

Have you folks actually looked in the manufacturers’ lists to see if the cars aren’t already there and available to you?

The track and free car pack for those owning the Car Pass package is automatic, and you don’t need to start the “download.”

Was thinking I should have taken a look and I will. Took a short break and just started playing again. I know the earlier car packs were always downloaded through the store at no charge maybe it is different this time around with the patch and all. Will report back when I get home and am able to fire the game up and look.

Correct. This is Xbox One now, and we don’t need to initiate the downloads as previously.

At the time of the last monthly pack they changed how it works. Now car pass holders just download the patch and they do not need to do any more…the cars will be available to buy in game.

This differs from the first two monthly packs.