Car Pass not working.

So I recently purchased the car pass to download the DLC packs since there are so many out at this point. But for some reason every time I go to the autoshow and try to purchase an add on car it redirects me to the store asking me to purchase the individual car pack. Is there something I’m missing?

Perform a complete console power cycle (do not just turn the Xbox One off/on). That should do the trick. Mind you, the Car Pass only covers up to March’s car pack. Those released in April, May and, June are not part of the of the Car Pass program.

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wow that is outrageous I launched the game up today after a while and I was wondering why my car pass wasn’t working with the new packs. Turns out it wasn’t actually a ‘CAR PASS’. Good play turn10 good play.

Description of the Car Pass on Xbox Live -

Game description: Amazing cars, outstanding value! The Forza Horizon 2 Car Pass gets you access to six monthly pack add-ons (5 cars each) for the price of five! That’s one free pack, plus, Car Pass owners will receive an exclusive bonus car for free, the 2010 Noble M600. That’s 31 cars to collect, race, and customize in Forza Horizon 2!

Link to announcement on this website-

yep hence ‘good play’ they kept all the good ones after the car pass packs. Although I would disagree on outstanding value! both the game and its dlcs are overpriced for what it is.

Personal opinion, but be glad its not some other Company we are talking about where ervery little clothing or weapon skin costs as much as one of the car packs.