Car pass giveaway

Thanks to the good folks at T10 for handing out codes after ForzaRC, I’m in the position of having a completely useless to me car pass (Ultimate edition buyer here).

Are you without, though? Well, perhaps for not much longer as tomorrow I am giving it away over at my blog (click here)

The catch? Well, I suppose there is one. Just simply comment on the post with which car from all the car pass DLC you want to drive most, along with your gamertag, and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow evening (UK time)

p.s. sorry mods if this isn’t allowed/in the wrong place, have lost familiarity with this place over time


Enjoy it fellow racer… Now go RACE!!!

How do they send it?
Was waiting for it and haven’t received it yet

Try checking the email you signed up to ESL with

Did it. Even the in the spam mails. Nothing. Is there a way rhe mods can send it manually?

Didn’t get anything from ESL either. Has everyone else gotten theirs?

Sorry to derail the kind give-away thread, if it is not tied to the gamer tag as noted.

Nice thing you are doing!!

Drawing the winner at 4pm UK (so about 3 hours and 20)

You can only use code for your own gamertag, ezrae sent me his car pass code last night and it would not work. Ibelieve it says in email about this. Ask ezrae.

If you can only use them and can’t give them away then I have just waisted alot of time doing the leagues. The only reason I did it was to give away my winnings to someone less fortunate. Can anyone confirm this

FYI I have my 6 car pass got it about a week ago. I’m expecting the porsche pack any day

I just looked on the email and it only says about having to be signed in to Xbox Live, not necessarily the associated account.

Just for the record, I did the sign-up, etc., and never received an email either. And I’ve checked even the spam trap on the account, too.

Just nothing there.

Nor have I, can’t think of any other email addresses they could’ve gone to.

I had the car pass sent to my gamertag email about a week and a half ago. According to what I saw on the esl forums a lot of people haven’t received their codes yet.

I have no problems with you giving them away if you can, as long as people arent trying to sell/swap them or turn giving them away into a popularity contest. I would prefer it if rather than just giving them away though you tried to use them as prizes in comps or something. I have no information if the codes are linked to users in some way.

I was going to offer them out as a reward for doing some team paints fortunatly I have met someone who is willing to do this for us and he already has all the dlc. So I think I’m going to give them to someone who really needs them some of my former team mates didn’t have the dlc so it will probably be them.

I was a little disappointed he could not use it. I read the e-mail. It said you had to be logged into your account to redeem the code. I think they some how must have linked them.

Mine wasn’t in spam or junk. Just came right to me.

Hang on, that gave me a thought. I do have another account. I logged into that one. It brought the code up straight away. Forza 6 Car pass. You may not be able to get it through the xbone itself. The e-mail said to go to xbox live .com to redeem.

I went to the store on the dashboard and entered the code from there and it worked fine. The link just sends you to which is why it tells you to sign in. I also just received the code for the Porsche expansion a couple of minutes ago.

Does anyone have an extra code for me?