car pass codes

I have a 10 digit code and I cant find where to put the code in, help?

the only codes input is from the redeem code in the xbox store…usually they are 25 digits though

where did you get this code from…sounds dodgy

ebay sells Forza DLC codes.

still should be a 25 digit code though…ebay is dodgy as hell

I bought a 10 digit code from Walmart for the carpass

Prepaid Xbox One codes are 25 characters/digits: Xbox Support

If you continue to have issues, contact Xbox Support. The prepaid codes are in the realm of Xbox Support, not Turn 10 or this specific game forum.

You need to redeem your Walmart code within their system to receive the Xbox code.

But maybe … You want to read this to get your Car pass for FREE !!! And ask for a refund at Walmart .

The FM6 car pass is the week 1 prize …