Car Packs; Why Can't I Get Them?

To Turn 10/Forza Customer Support,


It won’t let me get any car pack in forza 4. Every one just comes up as there is no cars visible and everything is blank and nothing happens when I try to purchase the car pack. Can it be fixed or have you taken down all the car packs? My gamer tag is “TheShadedSheep”. I live in New Zealand. I have Xbox live.


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Unfortunately for you my friend, all of the DLC content, car packs etc have been discontinued.

I’m in the same boat … Turn 10 now spending all effort on their newer games.

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See here if you want to buy the DLCs for the first time.
This isn’t possible anymore.

and here if you want to re-download DLCs you already purchased before september 2015

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